Patients could Buy Drugs with ID cards

In the future, the city will be the city’s drug retail pharmaceutical sector enterprises grading and classification, and evaluation results to be publicized in the shop. For the purposes of illegal enterprise information publicity system, the integrity of the lower level of corporate exposure on the Food and Drug Administration official website and micro-channel public number.

At the same time, prescription drug sales management innovation, promote chronic prescription (cases) consumers in filing a “guidance” a highlight. Upon request, the city will be on the basis of strengthening supervision on prescription drugs, exploring the chronic prescription (case) for the record purchase of medicines. Each drug retailers may be combined medical history of chronic diseases, the establishment of chronic prescription (cases) medication file. In accordance with the principle of one person, one gear, the patient’s chronic diagnoses, prescriptions and basic personal information inventoried. The number of chronically ill patients to buy drugs prescription shall not exceed the amount set forth in, consumers in more than three consecutive months or the purchase of medicines species changes, the need to re-prescribing practitioner according to patient’s condition changes.

“In other words, patients with chronic diseases in the future could hold medical prescription drugs purchased at pharmacies, without a prescription every time.” This new regulation will bring the gospel of the city with chronic diseases.

Toutengnaore midnight, at home and no medicine, pharmacy ran a lot of places were closed, many people have encountered this situation before. The city will be put into use 24-hour self-service sale of medicine machine, the public will bring great convenience.

Yesterday morning, the door of a pharmacy located in Daqing Road, stands a drug vending machine, it attracted a lot of public attention. Food and Drug Administration, according to city staff, local storage within the public sale of drugs commonly used B non-prescription drugs, just follow medication needs operation on the screen, choose the right medicines, boxes, clicks settlement, the whole process only takes 10 seconds to be completed. For chronic patients, consumers in the future more convenient, just on the sale of drugs buffet Brush ID card can buy prescription drugs.

Chronic diseases first purchase of medicines, still establish chronic prescription (cases) medication in the pharmacy files, after in-store pharmacist reviewed prescriptions, patient information input buffet machine sale of drugs. Within the next three months in a row buy similar drugs, you can brush on a card vending machine direct purchase of medicines drugs. Currently, the machine can be used Chang Tong, Alipay, micro-channel payment and other ways to pay.

The Business Platform of Modern Medical Company

Evening of March 9, Sinopharm Group’s two listed companies Modern Pharmaceutical (600420), Sinopharm agreement also released a major asset restructuring announcement. After completion of the transaction, the modern pharmaceutical and Sinopharm Sinopharm were to become consistent with the Group of medicine and business platform.

According to the announcement, the modern pharmaceutical intended to 29.11 yuan / share non-public offering of a total of 264 million shares, cash and 065 million yuan, the total price of 7.744 billion yuan acquisition-related industrial assets; at the same time, intended to 29.11 yuan / share to Sinopharm, Sinopharm three and other objects of the nine non-public offering of shares to raise matching funds are not more than 1.9 billion yuan.

Modern Pharmaceutical Sinopharm issued shares to buy its 51% stake held in Wuhu Sanyi, Medicines bent 26% stake in Sinopharm issued shares to buy its 25% stake held by bent to Hangzhou Lake Creek; agreed to issue shares to buy its holding Sinopharm some Zhijun pharmaceutical 51% stake, 51% stake in Ping Shan pharmaceutical, Zhijun trade 51% stake in Ping Shan base of operating assets; Sinopharm industry to issue shares to buy their holdings of industrial and limited 100% stake in Sinopharm Weiqi Da 67% stake and 80% stake in Shantou Jinshi, Qinghai, 52.92% stake in the pharmaceutical, Xinjiang pharmaceutical 55% interest; issue of shares and payment of cash to buy a 33% stake it holds a 33% stake in Sinopharm and Weiqi Da pharmaceutical anti-Han Yanlin to a natural person;杨时浩 issued shares to buy other 12 natural persons 20% stake held by Shantou Jinshi.
Medicines consistent set of newly issued shares to subscribe for modern pharmaceutical industry pharmaceutical assets, while the proposed acquisition of shares and cash assets related pharmaceutical business issue.

The number of shares after the transaction is completed, Medicines consistent with modern pharmaceutical assets subscribe new issue is expected to be 8627.12 million shares, accounting for 13.99 percent after the completion of total issued share capital of modern pharmaceuticals. At the same time, intended to 53.80 yuan / share non-public offering to Sinopharm shares to buy 100% stake in National pharmacy, 100% stake in Foshan, Guangdong new drugs 100% stake in Sinopharm Foreign non-public offering later Southern Medical Trade 51% equity, and pay cash to buy 49% stake in Southern Medical trade and other groups to break 11 months of natural persons of minority shareholders, the estimated value of assets to be injected 3.495 billion yuan. In terms of matching funds, to be adopted by way of price to lock towards investment management, peace and information management, Sinopharm non-public offering of shares to raise matching funds $ 700 million to raise matching funds issue price of 53.80 yuan / share.

The completion of the transaction, will build a modern pharmaceutical Sinopharm Group Kayaku plate platform, the main business will complement the cardiovascular drugs, antibiotics, systemic medication, anti-tumor drugs, narcotic and other psychotropic. Sinopharm Holdings is no longer consistent with the pharmaceutical industry-related assets, while the new national information pharmaceutical retail business, main business will change to “+ retail distribution.”

Medical Institutions Were Not Permitted to Sell Drugs

Reporters learned from relevant departments of Anhui Province, “Anhui drugs and medical devices using supervision and management measures” has to January 28, 2016 Provincial People’s Government 69th executive meeting of the amendments adopted, implemented since April 1, 2016.

Regulations, the use of units should be in accordance prescription dispensing drugs. Prescription dispensing work should be borne by the pharmacy to obtain technical qualifications of staff. Use the unit in direct contact with medicines and medical equipment personnel, should be an annual medical examination. Contracted contagious diseases or other potentially contaminated drugs, medical devices diseases can not be working in direct contact with drugs, medical devices.

Drug use tools for the deployment of units, facilities, packaging materials and containers, work environment, should meet the quality and hygiene requirements. Drug use internal redeployment units, minimum packaging drugs demolition zero filled, the dispensing pharmaceutical packaging should be marked demolition zero loading time, drug name, size, batch number, usage, quantity, amount, expiration date. Storage of drug dispensing, shall comply with the original packaging labeled storage requirements. Demolition of zero means the drug should be recorded.

The new regulations made it clear that the use of units and other medical institutions are prohibited from using, Retail, Internet transactions, etc. sold prescription drugs directly to the public. Medical institutions to clinic, charity, try, retail sales, etc. medicines, medical equipment, will be punished in accordance with the “Drug Administration Law,” the relevant provisions “Medical Device Supervision and Management Regulations”.

Regulations, the drug agency shall establish pharmaceuticals and medical devices using credit management system, according to the law will not be safe and effective use of medicines and medical devices unit on the bad record list.

Chinese Medical Culture Steps Out of the World

“Under the guidance of ‘all the way along the’ national strategy, Chinese medicine and culture has become a national brand new field of international cooperation, the countries along recognized that China is a new platform.” CPPCC National Committee members, Peasants and Workers Democratic Party Committee deputy Tianjin Commission, Tianjin Darren Hall Jingwanhong Liuwen Wei pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., general manager this morning in an interview said, “I want to start building a national museum of Chinese medicine, build ‘along the way’ outstanding cultural communication platform.”

Liuwen Wei said that as a traditional Chinese medicine culture and cultural knowledge systems an important part of its awareness, influence and visibility, not only related to the development of Chinese medicine, but also to the national cultural heritage and development. With “along the way” national strategy, vigorously promote, promote Chinese medicine culture, it is an important means to safeguard national influence and improve the country’s soft power. As a medium conducive to the establishment and strengthening of national interoperability of new “health” partnership. Currently, the national government and related topics Museum of pharmaceutical companies established more than 100 levels, different styles, but can not reflect the profound Chinese medicine from the overall national level.

To this end, Liuwen Wei suggested by the relevant state ministries, experts and scholars in medicine, the National Preparatory Committee on Chinese Medicine Museum composition, construction program to develop the museum, the most intuitive form of physical display rich content of Chinese medicine; on the other hand, large-capacity low effective dissemination of time-consuming way of building museums to enrich the museum’s exhibits, follow the science and humanities combination of tradition and innovation combine tradition and modernity to show the way. Furthermore, it should explore new ideas, considering the international propagation, diversified construction museum, the Museum of Chinese medicine to improve “along the way” along the national and global influence.

Goverment Takes Responsibility for Selling Medicines

It is reported that Anhui Province in 2016 will be included on food and drug safety county, township government target management performance appraisal system, into the local party and government leading bodies and leading cadres comprehensive evaluation system, strictly implement the Party and government with responsibility. Co-ordinate the establishment of the Food and Drug edible agricultural products quality and safety supervision convergence mechanism.

Speed ​​up the city and county levels, food and drug safety inspection system, primary food and drug regulation established rapid testing room, with the proportion of rapid detection equipment, more than 50% of the township agency. Great training regulators continue to further improve the relevance and effectiveness of participating supervisory staff training at all levels of the rate of not less than 80%.

Increase its focus on regional food production gathering area, rural areas, urban high schools around such special rectification efforts. Carrying out food and drug safety risk monitoring and supervision work sampling, monitoring sampling found that the problem of verification disposal rate of 100%. The certified annual supervision and inspection of food businesses coverage of 100%.

In this year’s target responsibility book, two “Create” is very eye-catching. The provincial government urged all localities to push forward the food and drug safety demonstration and other cities to create the work. Implement food security strategies and promote the healthy Chinese construction, food and drug safety depth city, county agricultural product quality safety and food safety demonstration counties to create work. To create an event as the starting point, a typical demonstration played a leading role in promoting the overall level of food and drug safety upgrade.

The Reduction of Medicine’s Price

Wei Li Bin, director of the State Development Planning Commission recently announced that, on the settlement of patent medicine is very expensive, the people can not afford to use, the relevant authorities are taking measures, including the development of national negotiations. Negotiations pilot effect is more ideal for the price more expensive patented drugs, imported drugs, generally can be reduced by more than 50%.

Guangzhou Daily reporter to understand that, one hand, local pharmaceutical companies exert positive tumor drug research and development, side of the car, foreign patent expires might initiative to cut prices. Some observers believe that the patent expiring imported drugs are more likely to lower the figure in negotiating lower prices and access to health insurance, do “accede to” protect the Chinese market, foreign companies in China in recent years, after all, life is not easy.

Li Bin, Wei State Planning Commission has now been negotiating pilot chose about five species, including those involving cancer treatment, the treatment of major diseases of patented drugs, imported drugs. It said negotiations effect is ideal, (drug prices) reduced by up to 50%. Its introduction: “We are now undergoing final convergence, ie the convergence of insurance medicine will be announced after the convergence of our society, which will greatly reduce the burden on the masses of medication and these include many of the people mentioned in tumor therapy…”

Wei Ma Xiaowei, deputy director of the State Planning Commission, said China will improve drug reimbursement directory, and consider the future of some medicines open green channel, to speed up the import process. Once the successful negotiation of medicines, health Planning Commission will consider the inclusion of relevant medicines reimbursement list, so that it can have a more substantial price decline. In addition, also considering some special drugs open the green channel, the implementation of measures to quickly import. “In short, we want to do our utmost to solve the problem of drug purchase difficult, expensive drug prices, aimed at the problem ‘Thirteen Five’ can be broken during the drug problem.” Ma Xiaowei said.

In fact, Wei Planning Commission has already let it be said, “and exclusive patent medicine drug prices are generally high, to establish a multi-party negotiations on the price mechanism.” Wei, deputy director of the State Planning Commission last year, Sun Zhigang in time to answer questions about health care reform will affect foreign companies that purchased foreign pharmaceutical companies are now producing drugs, reform is still in the hospital after the purchase, the key is how to buy medicine, what kind of price purchase. Now the price of patent medicines and exclusive production of drugs purchased are generally unrealistically high, “to establish a multi-stakeholder, open and transparent negotiation mechanism, so that prices exclusive production of patented drugs and medicines can be reduced to a reasonable range.”

Drinking Wine Goes Reverse with These Medicines

Adverse Drug Bulletin Beijing Food and Drug Administration released in to the friends who love to drink a reminder: Cefoperazone sulbactam and others – some cephalosporins, including ceftriaxone, cephalexin (Pioneer IV), cefazolin Lin (pioneer V), cephradine (pioneer VI), cefmetazole, cefminox, Latamoxef, Cefmenoxime, cefamandole, cefaclor, etc., can interfere with the metabolism of alcohol in the body, resulting in toxic substances (acetaldehyde) accumulation.

If drinking during treatment, there will be facial flushing, conjunctival hyperemia, blurred vision, intense symptoms, headache, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.

During the use of these drugs is strictly prohibited alcohol, drugs such further comprising metronidazole, ornidazole, tinidazole and furazolidone (furazolidone) and the like.

In addition to taking cephalosporins can not drink outside, tangyou must also pay attention to the influence of alcohol hypoglycemic agents.

Clothes hypoglycemic agents can not drink, but also a similar reason. The name suggests is hypoglycemic agents lower blood sugar, but alcohol can enhance the efficacy of the action, where they meet, it may lead to low blood sugar shock, will be life-threatening.

Experts advise, since drugs and alcohol are metabolized by the liver, and they are in the same channel, it is easy to interact cause serious adverse reactions.

Best not to drink during the medication, and aspirin, calm sleeping pills, antibiotics, hypoglycemic agents, antihypertensive drugs, anti-cancer drugs and other drugs, especially alcohol and can not be taken simultaneously.

Three Steps to Boost the Development of Chinese Traditional Medicine

This year’s government work report made to the development of medicine, the national pharmaceutical industry. How to promote Chinese medicine to the world? March 8, the CPPCC National Committee, the State Administration of Traditional Science and Technology Secretary TRADITIONAL National People’s Congress Chairman Yuan Group Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Kang Xiao Wei, the CPPCC National Committee, Tianjin Darren Hall pharmaceutical Jingwanhong Liuwen Wei, general manager, guest “after two sessions of the night”, around this topic in depth.

TRADITIONAL members said, are areas of strength in the pharmaceutical industry with independent intellectual property rights of thousands of years to form, and Chinese medicine not only for the health of the Chinese people to contribute to the world and also had a profound impact on medicine. Especially into the “Eleventh Five-Year” since the state attaches great importance to the world of medicine, chief researcher at the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Professor Tu Yo Yo won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine last year, more attracted worldwide attention to Chinese medicine. The country has just recently issued the “Strategic Plan for Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine (2016- 2030),” clearly put forward to promote overseas development of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine to the world, the international trade as a key Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine on the one hand “going out” for human health services, in addition to “bring in”, the use of advanced science and technology and development experience around the world integrate, to jointly promote the traditional Chinese medicine for human health services.

“Chinese medicine ‘going out’ is our medicine man’s dream.” Liuwen Wei members felt that the clinical efficacy of Chinese Medical Herb medicine in surgery medication intuitive, less interfering factors, easy to evaluate, with Western medicine for external use do not have a significant comparative advantage . Therefore, Chinese medicine “going out” for external use Chinese medicine should start.

“But the Chinese medicine to the world also faces three barriers.” TRADITIONAL members said specifically that cultural barriers, technical barriers, medical services inherit and carry forward the barriers.

How to break these three barriers? TRADITIONAL members felt that, first, the state should vigorously promote the standardization of traditional Chinese medicine, the right to speak. For example, in the diagnosis of the disease, Chinese medicine to promote the construction of the International Classification of Disease ICD11 codes. Second, the standardization of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, enterprises should also motivated. Xiao Wei expressed that traditional Chinese medicine standards more complex and requires from the dynamic and static aspects of the development of the formation of two series of standards, “we all agree that only the formation of the standards in order to further tap the name of party-name drugs.”

TRADITIONAL members said, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine to start soon standardization initiatives. Traditional Chinese Medicine “going out”, local access to foreign markets, but also to meet their standards, respect for the local culture, get local recognition.

To break through the Chinese medicine “go out” barriers, Chinese enterprises should strengthen innovation.

“The real innovation is the driving force for enterprise development.” Xiao Wei on behalf of, the current Hong edge medicine whether it is innovative drugs, intellectual property rights or patent drugs are the largest, but also faces great distress, “Our new drug after the difficult access to health insurance drug list, it is difficult to enter the list of new drugs. ”

Xiao Wei representative said that now in the Medicare drug developed 10 years ago, many of which are varieties of the past few years the State Food and Drug Administration approved the certificate of varieties entered not by much. This is not conducive to mobilizing the enthusiasm of innovative pharmaceutical companies.

“There is a problem to be solved, as long as the medicine tendering process, will be endless cut 15-20% of the price, including innovative drugs.” Xiao Wei representative said the company in Hunan, Anhui and other provinces of losing, the main the province is in the bidding process discriminate against Chinese medicines policy, go on like this, then, traditional Chinese medicine market will be marginalized.

Old Man Fights with His Daughter for Untrusted Medicines

In this program, a woman from Shanghai letter said “never acts outside their own, but at home the day is not over” – home of 72-year-old mother two years ago are crazy to buy health care products, two years piles of various types of home health care products mother actually spent more than 20 million! Now the mother has become a senior member of the major drug dealers, drug dealers often convened to hear not only “healthy” lecture, but too much is “Yaofan” to the market of 200 yuan health care products sold at high prices in 4980 mom, said she also believed he made a godson! I let myself worry about it is dumbfounding.

The face of her daughter’s complaint, the old lady said his graduation, a retired high school math teacher, can be considered a gentleman, not a daughter called random medicines, “Although I was cheated of their money, but medicine there are no good to go, I do know are a few “old lady wronged complaint said:.” I spent my own money to buy some medicine to take, my daughter actually also alerted the neighborhood, 110, and now so much noise the neighbors are aware of the “further joke shouted: “I want a shame daughter die!!” cute comedy amused the audience again and again. Godson mentioned things, the old lady is also very helpless: “My daughter does work not with me, and I live alone eighty-year-old man, sick daughter to see me there is no way her mouth ‘drugs. traders’ know I was sick, I often concerned not only called to see me. I feel very good people to me sincerely. ”

The old lady also said: “I am so you get older, did not want the program, just read the preceding program, Meng Fei think if you put it in the program very standard, the” four to help “the ‘ help ‘word manifested, I come. “let Meng non Zhikua” the elderly have a level. “

Government Makes Highly Priced Medicines

State support for health care continue to increase. Data show that from 2009 to 2014, China’s fiscal health cumulative spending 4 trillion yuan, including central government spending a total of 1.2 trillion yuan.

Huang Jiefu admitted that, despite six years of medical reform has made significant initial results, but now there is a great demand from the people, and medical treatment is difficult and expensive problem has not been fundamentally alleviated.

Huang Jiefu also said that during the two sessions this year, the state investment in medical and health services up to 4.2 trillion yuan, many of them on inflated prices, not spent on “cutting edge” on.

National Development Research Institute of Peking University professor, director of the Development Research Center of Peking University Health Li Ling told the “Daily News” reporter, the majority of government spending goes to these drugs, equipment and inspection equipment, this flow is actually very it should be. So people generally a feeling that, although there are health insurance, but still spend a lot of money.

Among them, the issue of drug prices, Han Qide said, “now is the implementation of public hospital fee-for-service, which greatly increases the cost of health care. Medicare Drug Purchasing departments have not, not in charge of money people spend, to hold down prices problems to staggering proportions. ”

National People’s Congress, Fujian Province Hospital, vice president Weng Li Guoxing also believes that the biggest areas of health reform can control costs are artificially high drug prices and consumables prices.

For example, he said, of a hospital in Fujian Province last year, gross revenue 2.4 billion yuan, accounting for 40.86% drugs, supplies accounted for 19.11%, accounting for 60% of the sum of the two, “that is, more than 1.4 billion are to cover drugs and supplies, so long as 10% lower, you can save 140 million. “he added that the space can be reduced far more than this number.