Over Weight Losing Might Cause Hair Loss

Generally, the normal daily hair loss will, but most will be one hundred day, and malnutrition caused by diet can cause pathological hair loss. Blind excessive weight loss caused by reason of hair loss is to lose weight easily lead to lack a lot of trace elements, and hair growth requires a lot of trace elements and essential fats, but the diet is usually the lack of these important substances make hair growth, causing hair loss.

The hair is the outward manifestation of physical condition, hot blood poisoning obstruction, the body of malnutrition and metabolic abnormalities can cause hair and hair color change, can lead to severe malnutrition and even hair diffuse hair loss. The main component of hair is called Ruan fish protein, protein and consisting of copper, iron, zinc and other trace element composition, if the issues of weight loss and excessive dieting, inadequate intake of these nutrients will be, there will be hair loss and malnutrition .

Diet during the event of hair loss, it is recommended immediately stop unbalanced diets, rebalancing diet, supplements rich in protein, vitamins, and promptly to the hospital to check whether the cause has been blind to lose weight because of lack of certain trace elements, in order to timely drug supplement or otherwise. In addition, he recommended a non-prescription hair tonic – female Rogaine 2% (2% minoxidil, formulated specifically for women, is the only clinically proven hair growth products), can be used under the guidance of doctors.

Show Your Nice Figure by Losing Weight

Spring is a season of recovery, after a winter slumber, a lot of friends who are fleshy spring recovery, and would have destroyed the beautiful body. Seeing summer coming soon, how to get rid of that ugly fat has become a headache for most people, let’s introduce two spring diet recipes, let you easily meet the advent of summer.

Prepare the right amount of milk, sugar as well as tea, milk poured into the pot inside, then added black tea, milk tea to soak up completely, then boiled over low heat for about five minutes, until the color of milk into brown when you can pan, add a small amount of sugar can be drinking. Black tea can stomach can also scrape fat, weight loss is very suitable for spring health food. With black tea with milk, can promote the body’s metabolism, the body break down fat, achieve weight loss goals, but also can reduce blood lipids.

Ready rice, bamboo shoots as well as salt, washed after handling the bamboo shoots, sliced ​​spare, after Amoy good rice into the pot with the right amount of water and boiled for a while, so grain cracking after then cut bamboo shoots piece plus, after you cooked add salt, stir well you can eat. Bamboo shoots taste fresh and tasty, nutritious, rich in fiber, is a common food in the spring regimen to lose weight.

These are the two kinds of spring diet recipes we introduce. Now is the era of thin is beautiful, weight loss is a never outdated topic, you want healthy weight loss, you need a reasonable diet conditioning and scientific movement, and also to persevere. In short, lose weight perseverance, weight loss success in the spring, before the summer you can wear a variety of beautiful clothes.

Cure More People with No Money

In March this year, the autonomous region is the fifteenth “civic morality month” and “learning from Lei Feng month” for the implementation of civic morality in our hospital work and learn from Lei Feng, recently, led by the Vice-President Xi Ting-line 4 with a medical team about checking equipment, health education materials and promotional materials, to the nursing home for the elderly to carry out “Songyisongyao warmth” clinic activities.

At the free clinic, the hospital medical staff carefully measure blood pressure checks for the elderly, asked in detail about the disease and the physical condition of the old people, patient and meticulous analysis of the disease, explained the hygiene of infectious diseases prevention and control knowledge, rational drug therapy. In the clinic the scene, the stage is consulting old people crowded around, interrogation, examination, diagnosis, education, blood pressure and other clinic work orderly conduct. Ting Xi Vice President to the masses while carefully checking the body, while patiently answer difficult questions we raised. Only one time in the morning, the medical team will go all the elderly were examined. And the issuance of more than 40 health promotional materials, free distribution of more than 240 yuan to treat colds, hypertension and stomach problems and other common drugs.

At the free clinic, the elderly ethnic express my gratitude to the hospital in their own language. The activities carried out were the masses of praise and praise, but also take practical action to express our hospital for older people and good things to do practical things good wishes.

Is Online Drug Store Possible to Make Money Now?

I know drug store, was established in April 2009, invested by the Ministry of Baidu investment capital and IDG, is an authoritative drug store cosmetics store, to provide users with nearly thousands of cosmetic brand products.

It is worth mentioning that, I know cosmeceutical cosmeceutical also Pan vertical field as the entry point, a comprehensive skin covering online and offline solutions. Platform provides a large number of drug and cosmetic products, to provide customers with professional solutions to skin problems, I know this is the difference to other drug store cosmetics platform biggest bright spot.

Transfer public prospectus, 2013, 2014 and 2015, from January to July, the company revenues were 27,762,800 yuan, 55,355,000 yuan and 35.5075 million yuan. But because the company is to enhance the customer experience and expand market influence, investment in technology and product development, operations and marketing and other aspects of the larger company is currently at a loss.

According million European network to understand, I know cosmeceutical business mainly includes B2C, B2B and additional value-added services in three models, the major markets in the east, north, south and central regions. From 2013 to July 2015 the sale of goods is structured as follows: Drugstore grew from 42.35% down to 21.45%, the proportion of Beauty from 21.61 percent increase to 31.46%, increase the proportion of fragrance from 3.59% to 2.91%, personal care products increased to 43.50% from 33.13%.

Make Chinese Medicines Internationalized

With the proposed “Healthy China” national strategy, big health industry will become one of the most promising industries, China’s economic development has become a new growth point “Thirteen Five” period. As an industry practitioner, how to create an international Chinese medicine industry, so that more varieties of Chinese medicine on the international stage. Recently, the National People’s Congress, the President of Tasly Holdings Group Board of Yan Xijun guest People’s Daily, the exchange of “healthy development of Chinese medicine large mode” with friends. Representative Yan Xijun said that Chinese medicine to the world, it is necessary to make it clear from the technology becomes blurred, becomes clear from the digitized from digital to become standardized, from the Chinese national standards, to become the world standard.

Yan Xijun said let the Chinese medicine to the world, it is necessary to achieve standardization and modernization. The process to achieve standardization in the world, to make the development of Chinese medicine classification, classification innovate and push by category. The simple recipe, using modern science and technology to achieve accurate, digitization and standardization, and secondly there must be innovation, the innovation of Chinese medicine into the fast lane, to promote a number of Chinese medicine to “go out.” Traditional Chinese Medicine is an empirical scientific system through modern scientific research, the way words and language into the language of digitization and modernization, so as to achieve the “two” of integration, in order to actively promote the internationalization of Chinese medicine classification.

Yan Xijun pointed out that the internationalization of Chinese medicine, to three steps. The first is the “going out”, the representative of Chinese scientists and entrepreneurs to have a courage to “go out” of the spirit; the second is “walked”, our technical and scientific research data, each country can make law recognized by the merging of research methods, research platform, confirmed that medicine is scientific, effective and controllable quality; third is the “go to” technology to “go to” research platform accessibility and abroad, standards should “go to” other countries to achieve mutual recognition, there is the law to ratify the medicine into modern medicine has become a world of drugs in circulation, it is possible to enter the mainstream of medicine and hospital market prescription drugs to achieve the technology, standards , culture can be integrated into Western countries.

Do Not Misuse Wrong Pills

Early in the morning, wind howling, Alexander hospital renal medicine, pediatric medicine, pediatric surgery experts braved the cold went to the district clinic. The clinic, the three departments have sent elite forces, director personally pitched the strongest medical technology to the doorstep residents. At the same hospital also brought to measure blood sugar, blood pressure and other equipment, in addition to kidney patients, but also to the whole community benefit. From 9:00 to 11:00, to community residents flocked to the scene of the clinic, they are eager to consult a physician and health check, a total of hundreds of residents in the morning received a free clinic.

Alexander, director of the Second Hospital of Nephrology, Fu Yuqin introduced, this year’s theme of World Kidney Disease Day is “prevention of chronic kidney disease, from the children grabbed.” Kidney known as the “invisible killer”, because the incidence of kidney disease is sometimes hidden, some of the symptoms are not typical, easily confused with other diseases. Some children suffering from kidney disease is found in the school or kindergarten routine physical examination, and before the parents do not know. And some children with acute renal disease, showing a transient, parents see their children swelling and other symptoms disappeared, they thought a cure, but no further thorough examination and treatment, not knowing that this omission might let the children suffer a lifetime.

She said that many children with chronic kidney disease caused by an infection, such as a cold may cause kidney infection, but many parents do not realize that the disease of the respiratory system may also kidneys crisis this “distant relatives”, may also be a misuse of antipyretics resulting in “antipyretic analgesic nephropathy.” In addition, there are some congenital and hereditary abnormalities may lead to adult kidney disease, such as congenital urinary tract malformations and kidney horseshoe kidney. However, these are early detection of congenital malformations or did not pay attention, if given as soon as possible drainage, orthopedic and other surgical procedures, it will not lead to the tragedy of the adult kidney. The clinic is the people in the community hospital door, while hoping to popularize in the crowd “from childhood had actually started many adult kidney disease” concept, so that people, especially young parents realize that children in child during the period of the presence of risk factors and timely identification and early intervention.

Different Drug Crimes Judged by Local Court

It is reported that from March 2015 to March 2016, the Court concluded a total of Qingdao city’s food and drug safety hazards 44 criminal cases, 69 defendants sentenced to punishment. Involved charges including: production and sale of toxic and harmful food crimes, the crime of illegal business, selling fake drugs crime, production, marketing fake or substandard products.

He said 44 cases involved offenses involving charges of relatively concentrated, where production and marketing of toxic and hazardous food crimes 30, illegal business six, five selling counterfeit crime, producing and selling fake or substandard products 3. Criminal behavior is mainly: using industrial rosin to hog scalding, sales of pork containing clenbuterol components, transportation preservatives containing formaldehyde cabbage sprayed with substandard products as qualified products, sales of medicines without a license.

Crime It is understood that the Qingdao court always put endanger food and drug safety as the focus of the fight against crime, and resolutely severely punished according to law, for a large amount of crime, bad social impact criminals principal common crime, there have been food and drug safety criminal record shall be sentenced to real punishment molecule. Strict control of probation, probation is mainly applied in the joint crime family members play a supporting role, a handful of accomplices who pleaded guilty to repentance, the probation rate than the city court probation rate of all criminal offenses, 20 percentage points lower. At the same time, increase the property punishment punishment, penalty verdict of $ 2.6 million actual collection of 1.4 million yuan, accounting for 53.4%.

Qingdao court crime endanger food and drug safety, will always adhere to the principle of severely punished according to the law, against the arrogance of criminals, to protect the safety of people on the tongue. Accordance with the law, production, selling poisonous and harmful food crimes are acts committed, as long as the defendant carried out the production, selling poisonous and harmful food act constitutes a crime.

Effective Cosmetics Have More Forbidden Ingredients

Recently, the State Food and Drug Administration informed that the mask cosmetics supervision and sampling found in Guangzhou, Shanghai 11 companies 39 batches of products mask the presence of illegal substances added glucocorticoids problems, detected prohibited substances as chlorine cable betamethasone propionate. And this violation is not uncommon, since only the second half of last year, the State Food and Drug Administration informed it twice.

Last year, the cosmetics-related monitoring data released by the Guangdong Provincial Food and Drug Administration also showed that illegally added drugs whitening, freckle, acne products, three problems are more severe in the last year, the council organized the four rounds of the province and flight inspection comprehensive supervision and inspection, a test 191 batches, 94 batches failed there.

According to the World Health Organization survey showed that, in the yellow people, the skin in a healthy state less than 10%, more than 20% in sick, and in skin sub-health state is as high as 70%. The survey found that, in contrast to the above are: 86.2% said they had never received any specific skin care education; 11 percent said they accepted skin care education comes from the “self-taught.” Experts, many women, especially 18 to 20-year-old girl, did not use The use of cosmetics expertise to select, and often purchased through the Internet and other platforms, are more prone to adverse effects of cosmetics. So, women in their daily lives how to prevent adverse reactions cosmetic attack it?

Serveral Enterprises Got Punished for Selling Fake Drugs

Haikou Kellett Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. production and sales of 16 batches of Ginkgo biloba, the Jilin provincial drug inspection institutions, eight batches of Ginkgo Sophoricoside checks non-compliance, characterized as counterfeit; 8 batches Ginkgo free quercetin, kaempferol, Isorhmnetin checks non-compliance, characterized as inferior drugs. The production and marketing of inferior quality of corporate behavior, in accordance with relevant regulations, Hainan Food and Drug Administration imposed a confiscation of illegal products and illegal income, a fine of administrative penalties, fines totaling 1,087,008.4 yuan.

Hainan Hai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. production and sales force of one batch of Ginkgo biloba tablet, by the Chongqing Municipal Food and Drug testing, free quercetin, kaempferol, Isorhmnetin checks non-compliance, characterized as inferior drugs. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Hainan Provincial Food and Drug Administration imposed a confiscation of illegal products and illegal income, a fine of administrative penalties, fines totaling 636,435.36 yuan.

Since ginkgo Yefeng Bo erupted last year, Chinese medicine extraction industry chaos and disorder in public before exposure, CFDA also organized a Drug Ginkgo biloba special actions. Combing the CFDA previous announcement found that far, 90 use of Ginkgo biloba extract as pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceutical manufacturers have been ordered to self-test, report the detection of substandard products (including Ginkgo biloba extract, Ginkgo biloba capsules) of enterprise 55, 2335 batches of substandard products.

Insiders have said that since 1965, the German company has developed Weimashupei Dr. Ginkgo biloba extract gold Nadeau since the variety of drugs in the world has been widely used. But the German production of ginkgo biloba medicines consecutive years stable quality, there has never been a problem, and China Ginkgo biloba extract industry is chaos constantly recurring problem. Punishment is weak, which causes repeated violations of law or reason.

Use Mind to Make More Effective Medicines

Yesterday, Dan Kwong Yu far Dingkun water pill Listed conference and VIP thank wide reputation far was held in Taiyuan. China Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs Association Guo Yunpei, famous TCM gynecologist Liu Hongqi, Tung Shing Group chairman Guo Science, Kyushu Pharmaceutical Group Vice Chairman Liu Shulin, Yunnan Hongxiang Yixintang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Hung Nguyen offer nearly 300 guests gathered to witness a grand new listing wide reputation far Dingkun Dan’s water pill.

Kwong Yu Dan as far Dingkun “State Secrets variety” “national intangible cultural heritage.” Originated from the Qianlong period, was born in the province Taigu County, after step 280, the flavor ingredients into 30, it has been 300 years of tradition. Dingkun Dan herbs featured red ginseng, deer horn, compatibility gelatin, Rehmannia, Angelica BNI, saffron, Panax, Millettia, etc. Huoxuetongluo Corydalis, Radix, sweet, white peony root, Ukraine drugs and other liver qi, eucommia, medlar, Atractylodes kidney and spleen by Qi and blood, promoting blood circulation network, liver qi, kidney and spleen, improve the level of estrogen and progesterone, a comprehensive conditioning the health of women, called the treatment of gynecological all sorts of diseases, classical side, it can be liver qi stagnation, anti-beauty, for lack of blood, eventually becoming pregnant, irregular menstruation and other symptoms have significant effect.

The release of new products, given Kun Dan water pill break through the traditional production Dingkun Dan, innovative formulations, capsules brown pellets, smooth and mellow, women easier to swallow, and help absorb “crowd” the Dingkun Dan water pill new site once appeared, praised by industry experts.

Wide reputation far company official said that as the oldest extant only in the pharmaceutical industry a free dating nearly 500 years of tradition enterprise wide reputation far always abide by the “no man see fit repair, deliberately own day know” old saying, harsh discipline, most authentic ingredients, the most pure processing technology to produce the best medicine. This time, “Guang Yu Yuan” to respond positively to the call of the party and the country to develop Chinese medicine health care services, repay the community for a long time on the “wide reputation far” the trust and support of brands and products, hope that through this Dingkun Dan honey water pill product launches, the national classic bolus Dingkun Dan innovation remodeling for women deliver healthy and confident life philosophy, hope to carry forward the traditional Chinese medicine culture, while products can advance with the times and innovate.