Stepping Up Stairs Helps Losing More Weight

To be healthy, to do environmental protection! A lot of stairs it! Last year, Taipei 101 international climbing competition, Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je also 45 minutes and 54 seconds to finish the race, the culture of the people climbing stairs Gu Jiankang Masamori! We all know that the stairs only help lose weight, increase longevity, but then, according to the latest Canadian research indicates that the more stairs also let the younger brain too!

With respect to walking, climbing stairs can be said to be “less tired” of the movement, and then climb the stairs can improve heart and lung function, burn calories, plus can also be environmentally friendly, so there are many people choose to work more stairs replace the elevator. However, stair climbing and other good is it! According to “Medical Daily” reported that more and more stair climbing and other physical activities and education can significantly slow down the aging brain’s gray matter, the brain younger.

Study Canada Concordia University (Concordia University) of 331 aged 19 to 79 years as a healthy adult subjects, during the test, nuclear magnetic resonance (MRI) to view the volume of gray matter of the brain changes the subject. The study found that subjects such as study time more than a year, reducing brain age 0.95 years old; an extra layer such as climbing stairs daily brain age decreased by 0.58 years.

Research and analysis, more educated and engaged in physical activity will affect the gap physiologically predict age and chronological age between each step climb a live four seconds, can also take your brain stay young. In addition, compared to swimming, aerobic exercise such as jogging, stair climbing is that most seniors have at least a day or once activities, in addition to increase cardiovascular fitness, climbing stairs promote brain health, but also help prevent Alzheimer’s, etc. dementia produce.

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