Four Recommended Slimming Teas

Holidays always found large and small gatherings, meat, fish, ah, ah, more or less will eat greasy food, a few days off, it is very easy to plot food, want to lose weight you can drink barley tea digestion. Barley tea contains amylase, can increase gastric acid and pepsin, help digestion, can eliminate food plot, spleen and stomach, oily solution. From the Chinese perspective, barley of peace, many people can drink, but there are barley milk back role, lactating women should not drink.

Chinese New Year holiday, many people like to buy some DVDs usually do not have time to see the United States and the United States to look at a few days, people will stay at home staring at the TV to see New Year’s Eve concert, even with the cry with laughter, your eyes in the long-term fatigue state, so very affecting vision. In this case, a week after work drink a cup of chrysanthemum tea, chrysanthemum tea can Liver eyesight, clearing away heat, Paowan chrysanthemums deposited in the eyes, but also to make eye fatigue relax. Great Chrysanthemum eyesight role for some, but the effect of heat Gongju strong.

Holiday stay warm room, there will be a lot of people get angry situation, if eat a lot of greasy food, but also constipation, therefore, the best holiday drink grapefruit tea, citron tea cool bias can relax clear fire. For diabetics, holiday diet is not good, likely to cause fluctuations in blood sugar, tea and grapefruit have insulin-like substance, can assist hypoglycemic.

Abdominal obesity effects do sit-ups, it is very desirable to reduce abdominal fat. When the operation began, activists need to lying on his back foot of the bed, stuck his hip the following need of bed. After lying, gradually bent knee, thigh placed over the abdomen. Hands on both sides of the open body level, then put in the palm of your hand below the hip. Then abdominal strength to drive his legs in a slow count to 10 speed legs stretched forward. Note that this case must make up the toe body into a straight line, after the completion of the top of a pause, and then to count to 5 speed bend the knee, thigh restored to the starting position. Throughout the course of the campaign back, shoulders, arms must remain relaxed, the main force should be part of the abdomen. Did the number of daily, each according to their own physical condition custom.

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