Do Not Trust Unsafe Weight Loss Shop

In nearly 40 years, Pingyang woman Pan out of shape, at the suggestion of girlfriends to the beauty shop experience “cupping weight loss.” However, since the technician Chen mistakes, alcohol sprinkled on Pan thigh, and instantly caught fire. Pan also has scar on the thigh. Because no less than part of the cost consultations, Pan Chen claims to more than 10,000 yuan. Recently, the Pingyang County People’s Court mediation, Pan compensated more than 20,000 yuan.

With age, their body a variety of Pan satisfied, tried many ways to lose weight, but almost no effect. Last June, Pan Pan girlfriends try cupping diet recommendations. “This approach by stimulating acupuncture points, meridians adjusted so as to achieve weight loss, not only effective but also no side effects.” Girlfriends eloquence.

Pan hear very seductive, a few days girlfriends went to the beauty shop to experience the presentation. Pan said at the time this was the soft opening stage beauty shop, the store does not have many guests.

The same day, Chen technician doing is giving Pan cupping project. However, accident, Chen said she Guzhe in operation and others chat, temporary distraction mistook glass jars containing alcohol fell on Panmou thigh, the result immediately caught fire. Chen seeing this, quickly picked up a towel around the fire out, and the Pan rushed to hospital for treatment. Despite treatment, the Pan thigh still has scars.

According to court investigation, the beauty shop set up by private, there is no business license qualifications while technicians Chen is halfway decent, the owner after being hired, and began to learn cupping time not long. Later, Chen Pan to pay for medical expenses 6110 yuan.

Mediation by the judge, the two sides reached a settlement agreement, in addition to Pan lawsuit seeks compensation for economic losses 18,926 yuan, but Chen also pay voluntary follow-up treatment costs 1874 yuan, a total of 20,800 yuan.

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