Four Reasons Why You Get Fat

Why do people get fat? It may be that many people want to know about the problem of obesity. Long-term energy intake exceeds energy expenditure, resulting in the accumulation of excess body fat and abnormal distribution, which is the cause of obesity. However, obesity is often caused by many factors, particularly the following four factors, the most common.

Undeniable, people have innate differences in height and weight, the brain center regulating innate everyone also differences. To this end, the metabolic rate of people have the same speed, which is a normal physiological differences between individuals, it does not mean a lower metabolic rate will certainly make people fat. As everyone genes (DNA) both contain oncogenes, but not everyone will grow to cancer tumors same. Some people are genetically inclined to be fat, but there must be induced factors. Genetic influences brain function, genetic congenital determines a person’s weight level, the level of hunger, satiety level, metabolic rate, but not the dominant factor in obesity directly.

Obesity is a very important reason is that a balanced diet or nutrition or nutritional deficiencies, causing the whole body metabolism imbalances. In particular, many young women now control the body and blind diet, irregular meals. Coupled with too little exercise or no exercise, body heat can not be normal metabolism, resulting in the accumulation of excess fat.

Whether girls are cold to the aunt, stomach pain, dizziness, and the boys will only say the word, “drink plenty of water.” Do not think this is a perfunctory words, drink plenty of water not only can cure colds, cure stomach ache, and still lose weight! A study at the University of Birmingham, UK to prove this point. Research indicates that people who are overweight, drink 500 ml of water before a meal can help lose weight. They obese patients, and found that after 12 weeks, pre-dinner drink and a half liters of water before a meal test than those who did not increase the amount of drinking water many people lose weight 7 pounds.

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