Over Weight Losing Might Cause Hair Loss

Generally, the normal daily hair loss will, but most will be one hundred day, and malnutrition caused by diet can cause pathological hair loss. Blind excessive weight loss caused by reason of hair loss is to lose weight easily lead to lack a lot of trace elements, and hair growth requires a lot of trace elements and essential fats, but the diet is usually the lack of these important substances make hair growth, causing hair loss.

The hair is the outward manifestation of physical condition, hot blood poisoning obstruction, the body of malnutrition and metabolic abnormalities can cause hair and hair color change, can lead to severe malnutrition and even hair diffuse hair loss. The main component of hair is called Ruan fish protein, protein and consisting of copper, iron, zinc and other trace element composition, if the issues of weight loss and excessive dieting, inadequate intake of these nutrients will be, there will be hair loss and malnutrition .

Diet during the event of hair loss, it is recommended immediately stop unbalanced diets, rebalancing diet, supplements rich in protein, vitamins, and promptly to the hospital to check whether the cause has been blind to lose weight because of lack of certain trace elements, in order to timely drug supplement or otherwise. In addition, he recommended a non-prescription hair tonic – female Rogaine 2% (2% minoxidil, formulated specifically for women, is the only clinically proven hair growth products), can be used under the guidance of doctors.

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