Does Weight-loss Exercise Decide Breast Flexibility?

According to the case of fitness point of view, if a female friend only focus on obesity to the site of exercise, ignoring the other parts, it is easy to get lost parts of obesity chest also lost the case. To avoid this, when performing weight-loss exercise also requires appropriate to do some chest movement. Because only when the chest muscles below have enough flexibility in the breast will show its supporting higher position, so that the breasts become more upright.

Secondly, in the process of movement, a female friend must give yourself to prepare a good number of sports underwear, sports underwear because some of the more stable and able to provide the supporting force of the breast, and to avoid unnecessary movement pull to avoid chest It appears deformed. In fact, it is relying on the breasts of a surface layer of skin to wrap the fat, if often shake in the process of movement, not only will pull the skin, and may cause a case of skin laxity and sagging breasts.

After reading these, I believe we all know that exercise can lose weight thin chest right answer to this question, but also know how to avoid this situation. Therefore, we in the process of movement, we must master substantially precautions, do not be taken lightly, so as to achieve the best fitness results, so that our body is getting better and better.

Cure More People with No Money

In March this year, the autonomous region is the fifteenth “civic morality month” and “learning from Lei Feng month” for the implementation of civic morality in our hospital work and learn from Lei Feng, recently, led by the Vice-President Xi Ting-line 4 with a medical team about checking equipment, health education materials and promotional materials, to the nursing home for the elderly to carry out “Songyisongyao warmth” clinic activities.

At the free clinic, the hospital medical staff carefully measure blood pressure checks for the elderly, asked in detail about the disease and the physical condition of the old people, patient and meticulous analysis of the disease, explained the hygiene of infectious diseases prevention and control knowledge, rational drug therapy. In the clinic the scene, the stage is consulting old people crowded around, interrogation, examination, diagnosis, education, blood pressure and other clinic work orderly conduct. Ting Xi Vice President to the masses while carefully checking the body, while patiently answer difficult questions we raised. Only one time in the morning, the medical team will go all the elderly were examined. And the issuance of more than 40 health promotional materials, free distribution of more than 240 yuan to treat colds, hypertension and stomach problems and other common drugs.

At the free clinic, the elderly ethnic express my gratitude to the hospital in their own language. The activities carried out were the masses of praise and praise, but also take practical action to express our hospital for older people and good things to do practical things good wishes.

Unpermitted Ingredients Found in Two Slimming Medicine

24, Shandong Province Food and Drug Administration announced the health food supervision and sampling information, sampling were found in eight batches of substandard products, including four batches of substandard weight loss products, products have been detected again banned caffeine, phenolphthalein, hydrochloric acid sibutramine and other ingredients. Experts said that these ingredients have side effects, sibutramine can bring blood pressure, heart rate, loss of appetite, insomnia, abnormal liver function, harm induced severe side effects of heart disease and stroke.

It is reported that the sampling of health food mainly includes an auxiliary lowering blood pressure, weight loss, enhance immunity, improve nutritional anemia, antioxidant, relieve visual fatigue and increase bone density, Qingyan, constipation and other functional categories and nutritional supplements for health care food, sampling a total of 229 batches of samples, in which 221 batches of qualified, unqualified eight batches.

In substandard products, weight loss products, there are four, namely, the nominal production enterprises in Guangzhou City Zhong Kang Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., very pretty card slimming capsule, nominal production enterprises in Guangzhou City Mingfu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Ming Fu Qing superfluous licensing capsule (Nathan apple cider vinegar), the nominal production enterprises in Guangzhou City Ya biotechnology Co., Ltd. Austrian Luna brand L-carnitine Ginkgo capsules and production companies for a nominal Liaoyuan nine quick nine Herbal tea Shangjian Kang products limited slimming tea back Chunhua licensing company. Very pretty card with the Mingfu brand slimming capsules capsules clear superfluous (Nathan apple cider vinegar) was found to contain prohibited ingredients caffeine, phenolphthalein, sibutramine hydrochloride and the like.

The Development of Medical O2O Business

O2O medicine as part of the mobile medical, developed rapidly since last year. Good pharmacists, jingle fast drugs, drug delivery 360, a drug to force, fast way to send medicine … in a short time, medicine O2O platform have emerged, or relies on the underlying corporate stores and their own logistics and distribution system, or to cooperate with the traditional pharmacy.

But the drugs involved in people’s lives and become “sensitive commodities.” Recently, a number of pharmaceutical O2O platform was traced to sell prescription drugs, lead to doubts.

Reporters after logging several pharmaceutical O2O platform, hypertension, coronary heart disease, gingivitis, bronchitis and other related illnesses categories found bisoprolol fumarate tablets, nifedipine, artificial bezoar metronidazole capsules, Shibao Li Tong tablets, capsules, etc. amoxicillin prescription of impression information. However, in addition to the platform marked “prescription drugs” in “bisoprolol fumarate tablets” page information, other drugs does not give information in clearly marked.

After a fill in the delivery address, the number of drugs and other ordering information, the reporter successfully completed the order. When calling one of the pharmaceutical O2O platform for consultation, customer service said that can direct orders to buy these prescription drugs, and does not require any prescription drug delivery door.

When reporters call 12331 Food and Drug complaint hotline, the staff said the online sale of prescription drugs involved in illegal, as long as the complainant will be provided detailed information related to the investigation.

The Prosperity of Planting Natural Drugs

This year two of the country, the reporter walked into Xinjiang delegation deputies interview room, are invariably placed Xinjiang Uygur medicine brought – Zukamu particles. “I’m a little cold these days, eat Zukamu very useful. The two sessions I saw Beijing 301 hospital doctors, they also boast the drug effect is good!” DONG Xin-guang representative said.

DONG Xin-guang representative said that, at present, in the domestic national medicine market, Tibetan, Miao medicine, Mongolian medicine occupy a larger market share, the national pharmaceutical industry has also become one of the local pillar industries. However, data show, Uygur pharmaceutical sales income of less than 3% of the country’s ethnic drug. “Compared with Miao medicine, Tibetan, Mongolian and other ethnic medicine output value of hundreds of billions of Uygur medicine development is lagging behind, exposing the product technology innovation level is not high enough, not enough research with other issues.” DONG Xin-guang representative said.

“In recent years there have been a number of companies and drug manufacturers, research institutes seize the opportunity, long-term perspective, starting Uygur medicine research and development, but these studies are fragmented, not formed a complete system of pharmaceutical research and development.” DONG Xin-guang representative suggested You may consider building a research base, make great efforts to develop a number of new products, system integration a number of important technology that allows resources Uygur medicine flourished.

“Another problem is industrialization,” DONG Xin-guang representatives bluntly, “I suggest Xinjiang pharmaceutical companies to go out, the introduction of advanced technology. In short, someone else’s technology is good, the people, let people earn earn do not What to do by yourself, but do not as fine. “