Stepping Up Stairs Helps Losing More Weight

To be healthy, to do environmental protection! A lot of stairs it! Last year, Taipei 101 international climbing competition, Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je also 45 minutes and 54 seconds to finish the race, the culture of the people climbing stairs Gu Jiankang Masamori! We all know that the stairs only help lose weight, increase longevity, but then, according to the latest Canadian research indicates that the more stairs also let the younger brain too!

With respect to walking, climbing stairs can be said to be “less tired” of the movement, and then climb the stairs can improve heart and lung function, burn calories, plus can also be environmentally friendly, so there are many people choose to work more stairs replace the elevator. However, stair climbing and other good is it! According to “Medical Daily” reported that more and more stair climbing and other physical activities and education can significantly slow down the aging brain’s gray matter, the brain younger.

Study Canada Concordia University (Concordia University) of 331 aged 19 to 79 years as a healthy adult subjects, during the test, nuclear magnetic resonance (MRI) to view the volume of gray matter of the brain changes the subject. The study found that subjects such as study time more than a year, reducing brain age 0.95 years old; an extra layer such as climbing stairs daily brain age decreased by 0.58 years.

Research and analysis, more educated and engaged in physical activity will affect the gap physiologically predict age and chronological age between each step climb a live four seconds, can also take your brain stay young. In addition, compared to swimming, aerobic exercise such as jogging, stair climbing is that most seniors have at least a day or once activities, in addition to increase cardiovascular fitness, climbing stairs promote brain health, but also help prevent Alzheimer’s, etc. dementia produce.

Is Online Drug Store Possible to Make Money Now?

I know drug store, was established in April 2009, invested by the Ministry of Baidu investment capital and IDG, is an authoritative drug store cosmetics store, to provide users with nearly thousands of cosmetic brand products.

It is worth mentioning that, I know cosmeceutical cosmeceutical also Pan vertical field as the entry point, a comprehensive skin covering online and offline solutions. Platform provides a large number of drug and cosmetic products, to provide customers with professional solutions to skin problems, I know this is the difference to other drug store cosmetics platform biggest bright spot.

Transfer public prospectus, 2013, 2014 and 2015, from January to July, the company revenues were 27,762,800 yuan, 55,355,000 yuan and 35.5075 million yuan. But because the company is to enhance the customer experience and expand market influence, investment in technology and product development, operations and marketing and other aspects of the larger company is currently at a loss.

According million European network to understand, I know cosmeceutical business mainly includes B2C, B2B and additional value-added services in three models, the major markets in the east, north, south and central regions. From 2013 to July 2015 the sale of goods is structured as follows: Drugstore grew from 42.35% down to 21.45%, the proportion of Beauty from 21.61 percent increase to 31.46%, increase the proportion of fragrance from 3.59% to 2.91%, personal care products increased to 43.50% from 33.13%.

Get Rid of Obese Right Now

I have always been obese, but also bear the long war pitting, at a friend’s introduction, eat some time fibrinolytic dates, beginning to eat burst pox very calendar harm, I have decided to give up, but after after this time, my physical condition will improve it! face acne gradually reduced, and some people may also be a reaction like me, do not worry, this is a normal reaction to conditioning his body, like a lot now Men worry about pregnant defecation is caused by poor women will be reflected in the above period.

Fiber-Fab is a new form of micro-brands. It is full of positive energy, talent and virtue partners both excellent team. In the development of the team, we are there for the sake of every team partner, always fight for the interests of the team and pay, and has a strong ability to solve all the problems inside and outside the team, and so has a strong centripetal force.

Fiber-Fab Products: fibrinolytic date, slender prime market for less than half sales exceeded one million. Company strict quality control for every dealer and agent sake! As long as you have courage, you have to stay committed. So please bring your heart to the international fiber Yu. Yu added international fiber, as long as you do not lazy, as long as you are willing to learn, hard enough, if you do not give up, you will want to have everything! Do not put a woman in a man who grafted future, only on their own.

Future is controllable! Long live better than pretty nice! Derivative want to do business, the first step from the selection start, choose a good product, select a good team, a good achievement to himself, casting a good future!

When Shall We Buy Drugs with Peace of Mind?

Luoyang City, Food and Drug Administration deputy director, especially Dongpo introduced, Food and Drug Administration in 2012 to assume the cosmetic regulatory responsibilities. On the one hand the regulatory production, Luoyang City 3; second regulation of the operation, circulation, beauty salons, supermarkets, cosmetic stores are within the scope of regulation; and rural markets, but sales really belongs to the weak link. This note without supervision in place, then the front bazaars appear flawed, immediate rectification.

Mrs Su said that before the regulation of the cosmetics market is once a year, focusing on key management site. PUC last year, handled 20 cases in the future will increase the intensity and frequency regulation. In addition, to remind consumers to buy cosmetic products, be sure to choose a regular shopping malls, supermarkets. Once a counterfeit product, you can call 63936110 to make a complaint.

According to the National Center for ADR Monitoring, China’s 19.2 million people die each year of adverse drug reactions, medically known as the “drug-induced death”, leading to the culprit: prescription drug abuse. According to “supervise drug distribution management approach”, drug retailers should follow the State Food and Drug Administration drug classification management requirements, prescription sales of prescription drugs. But in fact what happened?

In the old city of Luoyang City, a pharmacy, a reporter buy levofloxacin capsules; in Jianxi District and other pharmacies, reporters and offered to buy Cefixime capsules. Both drugs are prescription drugs, according to relevant regulations, it is not freely sold in pharmacies. But in fact, there is no sales staff reporter asked whether a doctor’s prescription, are a direct medication. Well, for such behavior, the Food and Drug Administration how to monitor it?

Provincial Governments’ Mayors Signed on Uniform Document

Recently, the Anhui provincial government and 16 municipal mayors signed a 2016 goal of food and drug safety management responsibility and accelerate the city and county levels, food and drug safety inspection system, strengthen local government responsibility for food and drug safety goals.

2016, Anhui Province will be food and drug safety into the county, township government target management performance appraisal system, into the local party and government leading bodies and leading cadres comprehensive evaluation system, strictly implement the Party and government with responsibility. Co-ordinate the establishment of the Food and Drug edible agricultural products quality and safety supervision convergence mechanism.

Anhui provincial government urged all localities to push forward the food and drug safety demonstration and other cities to create the work. Implement food security strategies and promote the healthy Chinese construction, food and drug safety depth city, county agricultural product quality safety and food safety demonstration counties to create work. To create an event as the starting point, a typical demonstration played a leading role in promoting the overall level of food and drug safety upgrade.