Different Ways to Lose Weight Healthily

Human aging is inevitable, so it really allowed to develop it? In fact as long as you adhere to exercise, you can maintain youthful vigor, it will not get fat out of shape in the long course of years. Appropriate exercise also allows obese people to slim down.

If you do not have so much time to run, jump on the choice of sports bars, such as skipping, it can instantly accelerate heartbeat, but also in the short-term activities the body, is an excellent alternative to cardio exercise.

In fact, sport is our best burn calories to lose weight, but also the power of aerobic exercise training can actually make weight loss effect will be more obvious. Aerobic exercise refers to the process in motion which, the body will inhale oxygen and demand are equal, to achieve physiological equilibrium. It is considered the best exercise to lose weight. Common aerobic exercise including cycling, swimming, jogging and walking, and so on. Adhere to 30 minutes a day of aerobic exercise for weight loss is very helpful.

Starvation diet forget it! Never give up in order to reduce the heat absorption of any meal. Movement is to make you healthy, healthy eating every meal more than anything else. Want to lose weight successfully, control calorie intake is also very important. Healthy food choices can help you easily reduce the intake of calories. Eat more fiber-rich fruits and vegetables can increase your satiety, play a role in reducing food intake. Also, do not store high-calorie foods at home is far away from the temptation of a good way to control calorie intake.

Make Chinese Medicines Internationalized

With the proposed “Healthy China” national strategy, big health industry will become one of the most promising industries, China’s economic development has become a new growth point “Thirteen Five” period. As an industry practitioner, how to create an international Chinese medicine industry, so that more varieties of Chinese medicine on the international stage. Recently, the National People’s Congress, the President of Tasly Holdings Group Board of Yan Xijun guest People’s Daily, the exchange of “healthy development of Chinese medicine large mode” with friends. Representative Yan Xijun said that Chinese medicine to the world, it is necessary to make it clear from the technology becomes blurred, becomes clear from the digitized from digital to become standardized, from the Chinese national standards, to become the world standard.

Yan Xijun said let the Chinese medicine to the world, it is necessary to achieve standardization and modernization. The process to achieve standardization in the world, to make the development of Chinese medicine classification, classification innovate and push by category. The simple recipe, using modern science and technology to achieve accurate, digitization and standardization, and secondly there must be innovation, the innovation of Chinese medicine into the fast lane, to promote a number of Chinese medicine to “go out.” Traditional Chinese Medicine is an empirical scientific system through modern scientific research, the way words and language into the language of digitization and modernization, so as to achieve the “two” of integration, in order to actively promote the internationalization of Chinese medicine classification.

Yan Xijun pointed out that the internationalization of Chinese medicine, to three steps. The first is the “going out”, the representative of Chinese scientists and entrepreneurs to have a courage to “go out” of the spirit; the second is “walked”, our technical and scientific research data, each country can make law recognized by the merging of research methods, research platform, confirmed that medicine is scientific, effective and controllable quality; third is the “go to” technology to “go to” research platform accessibility and abroad, standards should “go to” other countries to achieve mutual recognition, there is the law to ratify the medicine into modern medicine has become a world of drugs in circulation, it is possible to enter the mainstream of medicine and hospital market prescription drugs to achieve the technology, standards , culture can be integrated into Western countries.

Be Careful of Choosing Diet Pills

Modern women for their beauty and “unscrupulous”, of course, There are many ways to lose weight, exercise to lose weight, diet, weight loss and other beauty, but most women in order to facilitate quick, direct selection of the pills, but we know diet pills can risk factor is too high!

Slimming product called “Medusa amethyst” in selling online, although weight loss is good, but consumers have to reflect to the police in Nanjing, eating adverse reactions after the drug. After the drug is detected, the national police and found to contain banned doping added ingredients.

Subsequently, the police of the weight loss drug manufacturing sales network investigation, found that the drug is produced from Harbin, a small rural workshop, the relevant test certificates were forged, pill costs only 3 cents, the price It is as high as 10 yuan. However, within the slimming ingredients added to doping, resulting in “good results” the illusion, which has formed a more than 20 provinces throughout the country a huge sales network.

One day in May last year, Nanjing police received a public warning, saying her daughter to buy online diet pills called “Medusa amethyst”, weight really cut down, but there have been dizziness, nausea, heart uncomfortable side effects, he felt that his daughter might buy a fake.

Police found through a web search, the police have said this “Amethyst Medusa” diet pills are selling products online.

The diet pills to police in Nanjing Food and Drug testing. According to test reports, the police found that the diet pills contain sibutramine and phenolphthalein two substances.

“Sibutramine is prohibited by the state of production and sales of illegal drugs, the reason is that it will increase in the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disorders.” Police investigators, and phenolphthalein is a chemical substance used in the treatment of constipation, the same It can not be added.

More Rules Should be Taken to Control Unsafe Prescriptions

Reuters reported that Chinese food from Qingbaijiang Market Authority informed that in order to further curb the abuse of prescription antibiotics, etc., the masses of self-medication to eliminate potential safety problems, recently, Qingbaijiang Market Authority exists on the part of retail pharmacy sales of antibiotics without prescription, special medicines and special compound preparations by high-risk behavior of drugs containing prescription drug management to carry out special rectification.

The renovation work from December 14, 2015 until May 31, 2016, will have been carried out in three phases in the early drug classification supervision on the basis of the region’s more than 160 retail pharmacies, 100% inspection in the first stage of concentration and control, as of December 17, checked 50 retail pharmacies, including an investigation, give a warning penalty spot 38, issued 38 notices immediate rectification. The rectification, but also on the drugstore pharmacist in the post, the special compound preparation containing identity information registration and other industry standards to check if there is a violation, the relevant laws and regulations will be strictly and severely punished.

Specification retail pharmacy prescription drug business is a normal behavior focus on regulatory work, the next step Qingbaijiang Market Authority will more ways priority groups for advocacy, and gradually formed oversight and consumers consciously resist the illegal purchase and sale of prescription drugs, and maintain the pharmaceutical distribution market stability Safety

Patients could Buy Drugs with ID cards

In the future, the city will be the city’s drug retail pharmaceutical sector enterprises grading and classification, and evaluation results to be publicized in the shop. For the purposes of illegal enterprise information publicity system, the integrity of the lower level of corporate exposure on the Food and Drug Administration official website and micro-channel public number.

At the same time, prescription drug sales management innovation, promote chronic prescription (cases) consumers in filing a “guidance” a highlight. Upon request, the city will be on the basis of strengthening supervision on prescription drugs, exploring the chronic prescription (case) for the record purchase of medicines. Each drug retailers may be combined medical history of chronic diseases, the establishment of chronic prescription (cases) medication file. In accordance with the principle of one person, one gear, the patient’s chronic diagnoses, prescriptions and basic personal information inventoried. The number of chronically ill patients to buy drugs prescription shall not exceed the amount set forth in, consumers in more than three consecutive months or the purchase of medicines species changes, the need to re-prescribing practitioner according to patient’s condition changes.

“In other words, patients with chronic diseases in the future could hold medical prescription drugs purchased at pharmacies, without a prescription every time.” This new regulation will bring the gospel of the city with chronic diseases.

Toutengnaore midnight, at home and no medicine, pharmacy ran a lot of places were closed, many people have encountered this situation before. The city will be put into use 24-hour self-service sale of medicine machine, the public will bring great convenience.

Yesterday morning, the door of a pharmacy located in Daqing Road, stands a drug vending machine, it attracted a lot of public attention. Food and Drug Administration, according to city staff, local storage within the public sale of drugs commonly used B non-prescription drugs, just follow medication needs operation on the screen, choose the right medicines, boxes, clicks settlement, the whole process only takes 10 seconds to be completed. For chronic patients, consumers in the future more convenient, just on the sale of drugs buffet Brush ID card can buy prescription drugs.

Chronic diseases first purchase of medicines, still establish chronic prescription (cases) medication in the pharmacy files, after in-store pharmacist reviewed prescriptions, patient information input buffet machine sale of drugs. Within the next three months in a row buy similar drugs, you can brush on a card vending machine direct purchase of medicines drugs. Currently, the machine can be used Chang Tong, Alipay, micro-channel payment and other ways to pay.