Will You Try Losing Weight by Plastic Wrap?

Principles and diuretics to lose weight almost plastic wrap, mainly through the body of water to lose weight and achieve the purpose and effect of the weight, the effect of weight loss is to lose body of water, not fat fat, but the weight of a drink to return to the original, the truth is similar to a sauna, steam bath, or wear clothes, running and other plastics.

Because while the body is wrapped in plastic wrap, not the normal metabolism of cells due to excessive water loss, skin was wrapped in plastic wrap will affect the normal volatile sweat, easy to produce side effects, long body wrapped with plastic wrap, the skin can not dissipate heat make sweat accumulated in local, easily lead to eczema, folliculitis and other skin diseases. Coupled with plastic wrap itself chemicals, but also prone to skin allergies, to cause any harm.

Besides, fat “burning” There are many enzymes are involved in the process, and the optimum temperature of the enzyme reaction in the human body between 35 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, if more than 40 ℃ activity will plummet even decomposition. Therefore, local high temperature caused by the plastic wrap and wrap the skin may not be able to promote fat consumption, but also may play the opposite effect.

Poor quality of some cling film itself, when we exercise, waist heat, as the temperature increases, there will cling film deposited toxins, these toxins are likely to enter the human body. In fact, want to lose weight the most important thing is energy to be consumed is greater than energy intake. So the movement is very important.

Do Not Misuse Wrong Pills

Early in the morning, wind howling, Alexander hospital renal medicine, pediatric medicine, pediatric surgery experts braved the cold went to the district clinic. The clinic, the three departments have sent elite forces, director personally pitched the strongest medical technology to the doorstep residents. At the same hospital also brought to measure blood sugar, blood pressure and other equipment, in addition to kidney patients, but also to the whole community benefit. From 9:00 to 11:00, to community residents flocked to the scene of the clinic, they are eager to consult a physician and health check, a total of hundreds of residents in the morning received a free clinic.

Alexander, director of the Second Hospital of Nephrology, Fu Yuqin introduced, this year’s theme of World Kidney Disease Day is “prevention of chronic kidney disease, from the children grabbed.” Kidney known as the “invisible killer”, because the incidence of kidney disease is sometimes hidden, some of the symptoms are not typical, easily confused with other diseases. Some children suffering from kidney disease is found in the school or kindergarten routine physical examination, and before the parents do not know. And some children with acute renal disease, showing a transient, parents see their children swelling and other symptoms disappeared, they thought a cure, but no further thorough examination and treatment, not knowing that this omission might let the children suffer a lifetime.

She said that many children with chronic kidney disease caused by an infection, such as a cold may cause kidney infection, but many parents do not realize that the disease of the respiratory system may also kidneys crisis this “distant relatives”, may also be a misuse of antipyretics resulting in “antipyretic analgesic nephropathy.” In addition, there are some congenital and hereditary abnormalities may lead to adult kidney disease, such as congenital urinary tract malformations and kidney horseshoe kidney. However, these are early detection of congenital malformations or did not pay attention, if given as soon as possible drainage, orthopedic and other surgical procedures, it will not lead to the tragedy of the adult kidney. The clinic is the people in the community hospital door, while hoping to popularize in the crowd “from childhood had actually started many adult kidney disease” concept, so that people, especially young parents realize that children in child during the period of the presence of risk factors and timely identification and early intervention.

Spend More Money on Buying Slimming Pills

I believe micro-channel circle of friends, spent 800 yuan to buy 10 diet pills. Not only did not decrease after eating weight down, but sleep quality greatly decreased. Yesterday, who lives in Changzhou Lucheng Economic Development Zone Rui Ms. street through the open area to the Market Authority complaints. Late last year, Ms. Rui birth to the baby five months, coming back to work, postpartum fat body can make her upset endless. She saw in the micro channel circle of friends, diet pills called “s beauty fat dissolving capsule” is hot, the body is divided into thin, thin fiber legs, thin waist and consolidation of four types of capsules, a friend said the capsule is pure Chinese medicine, without any side effects, one can reduce 3-4 pounds, 10 a course, never rebound. So, Ms. Rui to 80 yuan a grain purchase price of a course. After eating can be, Ms. Rui weight did not change significantly, the people of color has become poor, sleep at night, but during the day groggy.

Market supervision departments to remind consumers: Taobao, micro letters and other sites to prohibit the sale of prescription drugs for non-prescription drugs, must provide the national drug regulatory authority “drug production license” or “drug business license,” and to provide relevant drug approval number , documents and other relevant evidence may be sold.

Added special medicinal ingredients slimming class of drugs classified management, strict management rules and regulations. Nevertheless, at present, there are still a large number of criminals on the network through a variety of online sales of weight loss drugs from unknown sources, because the shop does not have the qualifications drug sales, they sell weight loss drugs are mostly unknown origin “three noes” product, can easily cause harm to human health after taking. The beauty of young women buy diet pills in the micro-channel circle of friends to be cautious, such as feeling unwell should seek immediate medical attention. Complaints against Ms. Rui, market regulators have handled.

Do Not Sell Illegal Overseas Drugs

According to the China Food and Drug Administration regulations, our online sale of drugs must have the food and drug regulatory authorities issued a “Internet and drug transaction services certificate.” Any individual consumers to the retail of drugs, should be the first entity pharmaceutical retail chain enterprises, self-built site in line with the approval regulations.

According to China’s relevant laws and regulations, without the approval of the drug regulatory authority, any organization or individual may privately imported drugs produced, if offered for sale, is illegal; if only a small amount to buy, own use, the risk of the individual drugs Since there are security risks, countries do not advocate such behavior.

State management is very strict drug imports, foreign drugs, if used in the country, have to undergo a rigorous inspection, test, determined to secure the approval of the market.

The Business Platform of Modern Medical Company

Evening of March 9, Sinopharm Group’s two listed companies Modern Pharmaceutical (600420), Sinopharm agreement also released a major asset restructuring announcement. After completion of the transaction, the modern pharmaceutical and Sinopharm Sinopharm were to become consistent with the Group of medicine and business platform.

According to the announcement, the modern pharmaceutical intended to 29.11 yuan / share non-public offering of a total of 264 million shares, cash and 065 million yuan, the total price of 7.744 billion yuan acquisition-related industrial assets; at the same time, intended to 29.11 yuan / share to Sinopharm, Sinopharm three and other objects of the nine non-public offering of shares to raise matching funds are not more than 1.9 billion yuan.

Modern Pharmaceutical Sinopharm issued shares to buy its 51% stake held in Wuhu Sanyi, Medicines bent 26% stake in Sinopharm issued shares to buy its 25% stake held by bent to Hangzhou Lake Creek; agreed to issue shares to buy its holding Sinopharm some Zhijun pharmaceutical 51% stake, 51% stake in Ping Shan pharmaceutical, Zhijun trade 51% stake in Ping Shan base of operating assets; Sinopharm industry to issue shares to buy their holdings of industrial and limited 100% stake in Sinopharm Weiqi Da 67% stake and 80% stake in Shantou Jinshi, Qinghai, 52.92% stake in the pharmaceutical, Xinjiang pharmaceutical 55% interest; issue of shares and payment of cash to buy a 33% stake it holds a 33% stake in Sinopharm and Weiqi Da pharmaceutical anti-Han Yanlin to a natural person;杨时浩 issued shares to buy other 12 natural persons 20% stake held by Shantou Jinshi.
Medicines consistent set of newly issued shares to subscribe for modern pharmaceutical industry pharmaceutical assets, while the proposed acquisition of shares and cash assets related pharmaceutical business issue.

The number of shares after the transaction is completed, Medicines consistent with modern pharmaceutical assets subscribe new issue is expected to be 8627.12 million shares, accounting for 13.99 percent after the completion of total issued share capital of modern pharmaceuticals. At the same time, intended to 53.80 yuan / share non-public offering to Sinopharm shares to buy 100% stake in National pharmacy, 100% stake in Foshan, Guangdong new drugs 100% stake in Sinopharm Foreign non-public offering later Southern Medical Trade 51% equity, and pay cash to buy 49% stake in Southern Medical trade and other groups to break 11 months of natural persons of minority shareholders, the estimated value of assets to be injected 3.495 billion yuan. In terms of matching funds, to be adopted by way of price to lock towards investment management, peace and information management, Sinopharm non-public offering of shares to raise matching funds $ 700 million to raise matching funds issue price of 53.80 yuan / share.

The completion of the transaction, will build a modern pharmaceutical Sinopharm Group Kayaku plate platform, the main business will complement the cardiovascular drugs, antibiotics, systemic medication, anti-tumor drugs, narcotic and other psychotropic. Sinopharm Holdings is no longer consistent with the pharmaceutical industry-related assets, while the new national information pharmaceutical retail business, main business will change to “+ retail distribution.”