Four Recommended Slimming Teas

Holidays always found large and small gatherings, meat, fish, ah, ah, more or less will eat greasy food, a few days off, it is very easy to plot food, want to lose weight you can drink barley tea digestion. Barley tea contains amylase, can increase gastric acid and pepsin, help digestion, can eliminate food plot, spleen and stomach, oily solution. From the Chinese perspective, barley of peace, many people can drink, but there are barley milk back role, lactating women should not drink.

Chinese New Year holiday, many people like to buy some DVDs usually do not have time to see the United States and the United States to look at a few days, people will stay at home staring at the TV to see New Year’s Eve concert, even with the cry with laughter, your eyes in the long-term fatigue state, so very affecting vision. In this case, a week after work drink a cup of chrysanthemum tea, chrysanthemum tea can Liver eyesight, clearing away heat, Paowan chrysanthemums deposited in the eyes, but also to make eye fatigue relax. Great Chrysanthemum eyesight role for some, but the effect of heat Gongju strong.

Holiday stay warm room, there will be a lot of people get angry situation, if eat a lot of greasy food, but also constipation, therefore, the best holiday drink grapefruit tea, citron tea cool bias can relax clear fire. For diabetics, holiday diet is not good, likely to cause fluctuations in blood sugar, tea and grapefruit have insulin-like substance, can assist hypoglycemic.

Abdominal obesity effects do sit-ups, it is very desirable to reduce abdominal fat. When the operation began, activists need to lying on his back foot of the bed, stuck his hip the following need of bed. After lying, gradually bent knee, thigh placed over the abdomen. Hands on both sides of the open body level, then put in the palm of your hand below the hip. Then abdominal strength to drive his legs in a slow count to 10 speed legs stretched forward. Note that this case must make up the toe body into a straight line, after the completion of the top of a pause, and then to count to 5 speed bend the knee, thigh restored to the starting position. Throughout the course of the campaign back, shoulders, arms must remain relaxed, the main force should be part of the abdomen. Did the number of daily, each according to their own physical condition custom.

Different Drug Crimes Judged by Local Court

It is reported that from March 2015 to March 2016, the Court concluded a total of Qingdao city’s food and drug safety hazards 44 criminal cases, 69 defendants sentenced to punishment. Involved charges including: production and sale of toxic and harmful food crimes, the crime of illegal business, selling fake drugs crime, production, marketing fake or substandard products.

He said 44 cases involved offenses involving charges of relatively concentrated, where production and marketing of toxic and hazardous food crimes 30, illegal business six, five selling counterfeit crime, producing and selling fake or substandard products 3. Criminal behavior is mainly: using industrial rosin to hog scalding, sales of pork containing clenbuterol components, transportation preservatives containing formaldehyde cabbage sprayed with substandard products as qualified products, sales of medicines without a license.

Crime It is understood that the Qingdao court always put endanger food and drug safety as the focus of the fight against crime, and resolutely severely punished according to law, for a large amount of crime, bad social impact criminals principal common crime, there have been food and drug safety criminal record shall be sentenced to real punishment molecule. Strict control of probation, probation is mainly applied in the joint crime family members play a supporting role, a handful of accomplices who pleaded guilty to repentance, the probation rate than the city court probation rate of all criminal offenses, 20 percentage points lower. At the same time, increase the property punishment punishment, penalty verdict of $ 2.6 million actual collection of 1.4 million yuan, accounting for 53.4%.

Qingdao court crime endanger food and drug safety, will always adhere to the principle of severely punished according to the law, against the arrogance of criminals, to protect the safety of people on the tongue. Accordance with the law, production, selling poisonous and harmful food crimes are acts committed, as long as the defendant carried out the production, selling poisonous and harmful food act constitutes a crime.

Becoming Beautiful Women by Losing Weight

Weight loss is the topic of a woman’s life, very few women lose weight is not to fight. Even if many people lean physique, but often fat slowly after the birth of a child, and this is more difficult postpartum obesity minus. Even now there are a lot of ways to lose weight, but does not really help people lose weight little less of a rebound. China Tong diet pills effective? Chinese Church is now the hottest weight loss brand, very healthy for a woman no side effects and does not need to be able to achieve weight loss diet, weight loss in addition it different physique, the effect is very good.

Miss Zhang is a full-time mother with a baby at home every day, do not need to go to work, you do not need to do housework every day just playing with children can be. Maybe life is relatively free, she slowly fat, and gave birth to a child after it becomes fatter, and has not lost it. She was afraid her husband would therefore find it too, and it will start to lose weight, but could not find a suitable method. Until it encounters the Chinese Church diet pills, weight loss methods Smell reference click on the touched her, her morning and evening drink once a day, just a course down to thin down, and thin down after no drink and no signs of a rebound . So then someone asked her Chinese Tong effective diet pills do, she will come up with their own weight loss cf, because she felt there is nothing more convincing than the pictures.

Ms. Wang this year has been 45 years old, relatively small stature sensual, even after the birth of a child does not focus on weight loss, until recently, she was suffering from high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol and other diseases, she did not know Money can not buy old thin, so He began pondering lose weight. Lose weight eating a lot of pain, diet and exercise are not as bad, but it has no significant effect, she began poking around, finally we found a church called the Chinese diet brand, so continue to ask the Chinese Church and effective weight-loss drugs do, in many people get a positive response even after the start of the road to weight loss. Because her body belongs intractable obesity, so the Chinese Church for her agent, Miss Meow prepared for leptin intractable obesity, Ms. Wang has now become very slim, not only a variety of obesity disease is not, and the people are young a lot of.

The Subsidiary of Ali Health Company

Following the 30th night announcement, it announced a wholly owned subsidiary of Ali Ali Health Health Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. signed a “cooperation agreement to carry out comprehensive depth business,” yesterday, Baiyun Mountain in early trading and then issued a provisional suspension notice.

According to Baiyun Mountain disclose its cooperation with Ali’s health will focus on O2O business, and Medicare prescription transfer payments, cooperation is valid for 3 years. Next the two sides to explore a wider range of online health insurance payments, and on top of this docking control health care costs, electronic monitoring code, and other services. This cooperation is conducive to promoting the development of Baiyun Mountain layout electricity supplier in the pharmaceutical area.

Before this, another domestic pharmaceutical giant Shanghai Pharmaceutical has exclusive way to achieve a comprehensive strategic cooperation with the Jingdong, want to seize prescription drugs O 2O market opportunities. Ali Baba and the Baiyun Mountain at the operational level of cooperation in the industry view, Jingdong clearly intended in the medical field turf war broke out.

According to Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Group holding company relevant responsible person said, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group is currently only for the first hundred Chinese pharmaceutical industry, in accordance with the group’s executive chairman revealed in Xiamen 30 days plan to double GPHL will “three 15” (2020) and strive to achieve sales revenue reached 150 billion yuan, and among the world’s top 500.

Guangzhou Pharmaceutical aspects stakeholders also said the Baiyun Mountain Ali healthy cooperation with the previous cooperation framework agreement signed business cooperation after the first landing project. Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Jianmin’s network as the only health insurance and docking B2C online pharmacies in Ali contributed to the health and Baiyunshan expand Medicare help pay for many aspects of cooperation.

Medical Institutions Were Not Permitted to Sell Drugs

Reporters learned from relevant departments of Anhui Province, “Anhui drugs and medical devices using supervision and management measures” has to January 28, 2016 Provincial People’s Government 69th executive meeting of the amendments adopted, implemented since April 1, 2016.

Regulations, the use of units should be in accordance prescription dispensing drugs. Prescription dispensing work should be borne by the pharmacy to obtain technical qualifications of staff. Use the unit in direct contact with medicines and medical equipment personnel, should be an annual medical examination. Contracted contagious diseases or other potentially contaminated drugs, medical devices diseases can not be working in direct contact with drugs, medical devices.

Drug use tools for the deployment of units, facilities, packaging materials and containers, work environment, should meet the quality and hygiene requirements. Drug use internal redeployment units, minimum packaging drugs demolition zero filled, the dispensing pharmaceutical packaging should be marked demolition zero loading time, drug name, size, batch number, usage, quantity, amount, expiration date. Storage of drug dispensing, shall comply with the original packaging labeled storage requirements. Demolition of zero means the drug should be recorded.

The new regulations made it clear that the use of units and other medical institutions are prohibited from using, Retail, Internet transactions, etc. sold prescription drugs directly to the public. Medical institutions to clinic, charity, try, retail sales, etc. medicines, medical equipment, will be punished in accordance with the “Drug Administration Law,” the relevant provisions “Medical Device Supervision and Management Regulations”.

Regulations, the drug agency shall establish pharmaceuticals and medical devices using credit management system, according to the law will not be safe and effective use of medicines and medical devices unit on the bad record list.