Delicious Cucumber Helps Losing Weight

“Compendium of Materia Medica” records, cucumber heat, thirst, diuresis, swelling of the effect. Cucumber flesh crisp, juicy and sweet, raw fluid to quench their thirst, and there is a special aroma. According to the analysis, cucumber water is divided into 98%, rich in nutrients protein, carbohydrates, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin E, carotene, niacin, calcium, phosphorus, iron and so on.

Modern pharmacological studies suggest that, in the fresh cucumber also contains alcohol acid, can inhibit carbohydrate into fat. Cucumber also contains cellulose, to promote bowel movements, speed up the excretion and lower cholesterol have a certain effect. Cucumber low heat, for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes with obesity, is an ideal diet good vegetables. Eat cucumber diuretic, helps remove uric acid in the blood like as potentially harmful substances. Cucumber sweet and cool, with heat diuresis, detoxification effect. Thoracic heat, diuretic has a unique effect of dehumidification, Hua Chang, there was a marked analgesic effect.

But the cucumber cold side, stomach Deficiency, Jiubingtixu are advised to eat less. Have liver disease, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal problems and high blood pressure who do not eat pickled cucumbers.

Serveral Enterprises Got Punished for Selling Fake Drugs

Haikou Kellett Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. production and sales of 16 batches of Ginkgo biloba, the Jilin provincial drug inspection institutions, eight batches of Ginkgo Sophoricoside checks non-compliance, characterized as counterfeit; 8 batches Ginkgo free quercetin, kaempferol, Isorhmnetin checks non-compliance, characterized as inferior drugs. The production and marketing of inferior quality of corporate behavior, in accordance with relevant regulations, Hainan Food and Drug Administration imposed a confiscation of illegal products and illegal income, a fine of administrative penalties, fines totaling 1,087,008.4 yuan.

Hainan Hai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. production and sales force of one batch of Ginkgo biloba tablet, by the Chongqing Municipal Food and Drug testing, free quercetin, kaempferol, Isorhmnetin checks non-compliance, characterized as inferior drugs. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Hainan Provincial Food and Drug Administration imposed a confiscation of illegal products and illegal income, a fine of administrative penalties, fines totaling 636,435.36 yuan.

Since ginkgo Yefeng Bo erupted last year, Chinese medicine extraction industry chaos and disorder in public before exposure, CFDA also organized a Drug Ginkgo biloba special actions. Combing the CFDA previous announcement found that far, 90 use of Ginkgo biloba extract as pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceutical manufacturers have been ordered to self-test, report the detection of substandard products (including Ginkgo biloba extract, Ginkgo biloba capsules) of enterprise 55, 2335 batches of substandard products.

Insiders have said that since 1965, the German company has developed Weimashupei Dr. Ginkgo biloba extract gold Nadeau since the variety of drugs in the world has been widely used. But the German production of ginkgo biloba medicines consecutive years stable quality, there has never been a problem, and China Ginkgo biloba extract industry is chaos constantly recurring problem. Punishment is weak, which causes repeated violations of law or reason.

Mother Loses 42kg After Giving Birth to Her Baby

“80” Zhan Huanhuan is currently in Xiamen in the financial sector, good look, graceful posture. You would never have thought a few months ago, she was plagued by obesity, and even afraid to go out.

In 2012, because of pregnancy, childbirth, Zhan Huanhuan’s weight soared to 110 pounds from 170 pounds. To lose weight, try Zhan Huanhuan style all their own. Diet Needless to say, two consecutive odd days eating only vegetables to hungry “see stars” is often a matter. Try exercise to lose weight, one month after the running, did not lose weight, actually several kilograms of fat. Three years, Zhan Huanhuan try hundreds of diet pills, eat, drink, and painted everything.

“Always started eating useful, no effects after a month or two.” Zhan Huanhuan long-term weight-loss drugs, lack of concentration, insomnia, memory loss, bursts will be cold down. The most frightening thing is that Zhan Huanhuan psychologically dependent on diet pills produce, “Even if all day without food or drink, can not forget to take medicine.”

Due to obesity, Zhan Huanhuan experienced a lot of embarrassment. “And friends to dinner, someone sitting in a chair, I want to cover three.” Due to over-reliance on diet pills, poor physical Zhan Huanhuan, walk a few steps out of breath. “Without good health who will take care of the baby?” The summer of 2015, want to completely quit diet pills Zhan Huanhuan determined to go to the gym.

The first month of 50 minutes a day walking machine, cycling and other aerobic exercise with anaerobic training equipment one hour. The first months of aerobic exercise, anaerobic training equipment the next day rotation. The average two hours a day of exercise, let Zhan Huanhuan too much. “In the beginning, often do not want to move, could not get inert.” When the “skipping”, with overeating to resolve guilt heart. In case of private education and health fitness center coach Lin Jianfu description: “Fitness first two weeks of the most tough, but if we continue, will become increasingly easy.” Fortunately, Zhan Huanhuan not give up. “Eat the right amount of skinless fish, chicken with red beans, quinoa instead of rice.” This is the beginning of Zhan Huanhuan Fitness strictly control recipes. “Especially when hungry to add half an apple, and then not to hard water.”

Clinic Got Punished Because of Giving Unpermitted Drugs

Mr. Cheng child is just 6 months old, November 5 at noon children indigestion symptoms, Mr. Yu Shicheng Road, Yan Yong’s mother was a travel clinic for the children to buy “fat child pill” to help digestion. When she came to the clinic, the clinic doctors said there is no “fat child pill”, after asking the symptoms, will have the same efficacy “athletes pills” sold to Mr. Cheng’s mother. “My mother was older, the doctor will athletes pills sold drugs after she did not told how to eat.” Mr. Cheng said that after seeing the old man back home Irazu instructions, said to eat half a slice of the instructions, but after opening drug particles are found rather than pills. Because the drug instructions inconsistent with the actual drugs, Mr. Cheng’s mother and sometimes do not understand, I did not get a doctor’s prescription and medical advice, so his mother will feed the child a packet of drugs.

After taking the medicine, Mr. Cheng’s wife picked up the kit read the instructions, found the child’s medication dosage may far exceed the upper limit of the medication, so quickly call the Provincial People’s Hospital, a doctor’s telephone consultation. The doctor was surprised to hear, said: “a certain amount of drug overdose, and six-month-old baby all aspects of organ development has only just begun, drug overdose on the child’s internal organs hurt a lot, once the damage may leave sequelae. ”

November 6, the reporter came Yong was a clinic. A woman wearing a white lab coat, clinic, said Mr. Cheng’s mother was to prescribe medication, she did not have a prescription, but only after she sold drugs make up this track procedures. At the same time argue that the woman is the child’s family did not follow the instructions on medication, can not blame the clinic.

Mr. interview to repeatedly said that such a thing occurred the responsibility of both, but as clinics prescribing drugs why did not prescribe medication followed by clinic doctors told no way evident irregularities. November 5, the parents shall report to the Chengguan District Food and Drug Administration, Food and Drug Administration Yan Road accesible law enforcement officers to check the same day, after checking the store medical procedures are complete, the sale of children, “athletes pills” belong to regular drugs. But the presence of mismanagement, prescription and non-prescription drugs and other issues mixed up the clinic.

November 6, after receiving the report, Chengguan District Health Authority rushed to the scene to check Chen, deputy director of the Institute, told reporters, according to relevant regulations of prescription drugs must be prescribed, in the absence of a prescription, the pharmacy or clinic is not available freely sold. For non-prescription violation of the clinic’s existence, health surveillance will be punished according to the survey made by specific management measures.

Goverment Takes Responsibility for Selling Medicines

It is reported that Anhui Province in 2016 will be included on food and drug safety county, township government target management performance appraisal system, into the local party and government leading bodies and leading cadres comprehensive evaluation system, strictly implement the Party and government with responsibility. Co-ordinate the establishment of the Food and Drug edible agricultural products quality and safety supervision convergence mechanism.

Speed ​​up the city and county levels, food and drug safety inspection system, primary food and drug regulation established rapid testing room, with the proportion of rapid detection equipment, more than 50% of the township agency. Great training regulators continue to further improve the relevance and effectiveness of participating supervisory staff training at all levels of the rate of not less than 80%.

Increase its focus on regional food production gathering area, rural areas, urban high schools around such special rectification efforts. Carrying out food and drug safety risk monitoring and supervision work sampling, monitoring sampling found that the problem of verification disposal rate of 100%. The certified annual supervision and inspection of food businesses coverage of 100%.

In this year’s target responsibility book, two “Create” is very eye-catching. The provincial government urged all localities to push forward the food and drug safety demonstration and other cities to create the work. Implement food security strategies and promote the healthy Chinese construction, food and drug safety depth city, county agricultural product quality safety and food safety demonstration counties to create work. To create an event as the starting point, a typical demonstration played a leading role in promoting the overall level of food and drug safety upgrade.