Experts Advise Not to Take Slimming Pills without Asking for Doctors

According to news reports, a Hong Kong girl height 156cm, weight one hundred kilograms, because felt “too fat” too difficult to see the camera, drinking diet tea a year and a half, lost to ninety fifty-six pounds. But taking slimming tea for her suffering habitual diarrhea, stomach and physical deterioration, “particularly ugly face, white as sheets.” One day suddenly found himself particularly slow walk to the job, a very hard to go fast, and can not lay down to sleep at night, to the hospital for diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension. The girl suspected he was suffering from pulmonary hypertension and long-term relationship between drinking diet tea.

So what is pulmonary hypertension? Often drink tea to lose weight really cause pulmonary hypertension do? To solve these problems, 39 Health Net Editor interviewed the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University School of Public Health Doctoral Dr. Chen Zuhui.

According to Dr. Chen Zuhui introduction, pulmonary hypertension is an increase in pulmonary artery pressure exceeds a certain critical value of pathological conditions, mainly as dyspnea, fatigue, a little exercise will feel chest pain, or syncope; cardiopulmonary problems ask each other party involved, easily lead to heart failure, pulmonary hypertension. Severe patients will feel the most basic actions of daily life such as walking, toilet, stairs and others have difficulties. In some countries and regions, pulmonary hypertension is classified as a disability.

Pulmonary hypertension can be divided into primary and secondary two, and more from the primary tumor caused by, for example, while the secondary is mainly caused by congenital heart disease, connective tissue disease and other diseases by the heart disease. On the description of the case is concerned, do not rule out long-term drinking diet tea is the incentive to cause pulmonary hypertension of the girl, but can not be said to be the direct cause, it can not be directly equated.

Effective Cosmetics Have More Forbidden Ingredients

Recently, the State Food and Drug Administration informed that the mask cosmetics supervision and sampling found in Guangzhou, Shanghai 11 companies 39 batches of products mask the presence of illegal substances added glucocorticoids problems, detected prohibited substances as chlorine cable betamethasone propionate. And this violation is not uncommon, since only the second half of last year, the State Food and Drug Administration informed it twice.

Last year, the cosmetics-related monitoring data released by the Guangdong Provincial Food and Drug Administration also showed that illegally added drugs whitening, freckle, acne products, three problems are more severe in the last year, the council organized the four rounds of the province and flight inspection comprehensive supervision and inspection, a test 191 batches, 94 batches failed there.

According to the World Health Organization survey showed that, in the yellow people, the skin in a healthy state less than 10%, more than 20% in sick, and in skin sub-health state is as high as 70%. The survey found that, in contrast to the above are: 86.2% said they had never received any specific skin care education; 11 percent said they accepted skin care education comes from the “self-taught.” Experts, many women, especially 18 to 20-year-old girl, did not use The use of cosmetics expertise to select, and often purchased through the Internet and other platforms, are more prone to adverse effects of cosmetics. So, women in their daily lives how to prevent adverse reactions cosmetic attack it?

Why Are People So Crazy About Losing Weight?

University girl very much concerned about the United States, fat weight loss, ugly make-up, that’s when I felt like an ugly duckling, fat, black, but also ugly, can be considered an unknown girl, but do not know how about with the favorite of the boys confession. Give me the motivation to lose weight or that I’ve always liked the boy, he was very, very handsome, very healthy everyday life, play basketball, go to the library to see the book, as long as the course he will not do some of the more meaningful things, At that time a lot of school girls are crazy about him, I’m just one of them. Meow founder team Micro Signal: 11040276

Although he is very popular, but the emotional life is lost, no one has seen his girlfriend, only know that beautiful people in the field school. At that time I knew him very different, but still involuntary like him. When his girlfriend know very thin very beautiful white, I began to look at myself, determined to lose weight. Chinese Church slimming how? This is my weight loss process said the most, the most heard word.

School Many people have experienced weight loss, there are a lot of people are successful, and I started asking them all kinds of weight loss tips, longing that one day he can get men of God’s favor. Of course, this is just my wishful thinking, man belongs to God, Goddess, but I lean down, all thanks to Miss meow, but also thanks to my original sentence “how the Chinese diet pills like church.” I remember the beginning to eat when this product is to recognize Miss meow, she herself is very cute, my question is to answer, even though I thought about buying Chinese Church began slimming. But slowly, I found that many people are eating, many people have thin down. Then test the physical, I found the cause of obesity is excess nutrients, Miss Yu Shimiao brought me a targeted leptin. Because the Chinese Church nutritious diet pills surplus, genetic type, postpartum obesity and ten other types of targeted leptin, we can for their own constitution to choose.

Make Money from Abusing illegal Pharmacy

Newspaper on November 3, 2015 published the “illegal sale of prescription drugs pharmacy store behind gray interests of the chain” after the industry has aroused strong repercussions, the original pharmacy staff in white coats may not have any medical qualifications, but pharmaceutical hired staff to sell drugs. Many readers stunned while, they have made this newspaper editorial board asked the follow-up results of this event. Xiangtan in Hunan Province Food and Drug Administration recently responded to this reporter, has confirmed that “violations of Xiangtan Yifeng large pharmacy sale of drugs.”

Buy prescription drugs stored gray interests of the chain according to the clues provided by the reader, the reporter had visited last October Yifeng large pharmacy stores in Xiangtan City of Hunan Province, Xiangtan City, the pharmacy in about 20 stores. As a consumer reporter randomly visited Yifeng large pharmacy shop Xiangtan Yisuhe, Yifeng large pharmacy shop Xiangtan xiashesi, Yifeng large pharmacy shop Xiangtan Yuhu District, Xiangtan infrastructure Yifeng large pharmacy shop battalion, Yifeng large pharmacy Xiangtan Yue Tong branch stores, Yifeng large pharmacy Xiangtan Shaoshan West Road, which can be bought without prescription single prescription drugs.

In addition, the reporter also found within some of Yifeng pharmacy stores sell prescription drugs turned out to be Henry Chengdu marketing personnel, these marketers can without any medical qualifications. Through investigation, the reporter also got the drug salesmen marketing script, the script is divided into two, a diabetes health care ten minutes screenplay, a screenplay is a diabetes health care pocket edition. Drug sales personnel to sell in accordance with those manuals Chengdu Hengrui produced drugs. According to informed sources, around 15th of each month Yifeng large pharmacy shall be paid to consumers in Chengdu Henry. Chengdu Hengrui have offices in the country and more wages country offices, the regional distributor of wages, salaries by selling drugs Chengdu Hengrui uniform payment.

Chinese Medical Culture Steps Out of the World

“Under the guidance of ‘all the way along the’ national strategy, Chinese medicine and culture has become a national brand new field of international cooperation, the countries along recognized that China is a new platform.” CPPCC National Committee members, Peasants and Workers Democratic Party Committee deputy Tianjin Commission, Tianjin Darren Hall Jingwanhong Liuwen Wei pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., general manager this morning in an interview said, “I want to start building a national museum of Chinese medicine, build ‘along the way’ outstanding cultural communication platform.”

Liuwen Wei said that as a traditional Chinese medicine culture and cultural knowledge systems an important part of its awareness, influence and visibility, not only related to the development of Chinese medicine, but also to the national cultural heritage and development. With “along the way” national strategy, vigorously promote, promote Chinese medicine culture, it is an important means to safeguard national influence and improve the country’s soft power. As a medium conducive to the establishment and strengthening of national interoperability of new “health” partnership. Currently, the national government and related topics Museum of pharmaceutical companies established more than 100 levels, different styles, but can not reflect the profound Chinese medicine from the overall national level.

To this end, Liuwen Wei suggested by the relevant state ministries, experts and scholars in medicine, the National Preparatory Committee on Chinese Medicine Museum composition, construction program to develop the museum, the most intuitive form of physical display rich content of Chinese medicine; on the other hand, large-capacity low effective dissemination of time-consuming way of building museums to enrich the museum’s exhibits, follow the science and humanities combination of tradition and innovation combine tradition and modernity to show the way. Furthermore, it should explore new ideas, considering the international propagation, diversified construction museum, the Museum of Chinese medicine to improve “along the way” along the national and global influence.