Unsafe Weight Loss will Cause Side Effects

Such a thing has happened in Shenyang, Shenyang Red Cross Hospital Urology physician reports, once a 40-year-old woman to lose weight eating diet pills for a year, although during frequent dizziness, symptoms of boring, but because weight loss obviously it has not stopped, and later found himself no urine to the hospital was diagnosed with chronic renal failure, later developed into uremia. Doctors say the woman to eat a traditional Chinese medicine ingredients of diet pills containing the long-term use will cause damage to kidney function.

Height 162cm, weight 120 pounds before six months Chen decided to lose weight, because they do not love sports way to lose weight choose a diet, do not eat breakfast, do not eat meat lunch, dinner, say an apple. Adhere to more than two months, Chen’s weight really lost ten kilograms, but his face Zhangdou, look bad, menstrual disorders and other problems are wrapped up in her.

Doctors said Chen’s case belongs to endocrine disorders, the reason is the lack of long-term dieting normal human body needs protein, sugar, fat and other components, thereby affecting the endocrine system. In addition, the diet can affect the gastrointestinal, liver and kidney function, can cause the occurrence of gastroenteritis diseases.

Department of Endocrinology, Second Affiliated Hospital of Shenyang Medical Arts Shan introduced when the correct weight loss need to meet a sufficient volume of activity by proper diet.

The doctor said that if the intake of calories less than the calories consumed, body weight will naturally decline over time. So if you want to lose weight successfully, it is necessary to control the energy intake of 1200 kcal per day to a minimum of not less than 800 kcal; the second is the least weekly to ensure the effective movement of the two hours. When Yi Shan also warns about one kilogram of weight loss per week is reasonable.

Use Mind to Make More Effective Medicines

Yesterday, Dan Kwong Yu far Dingkun water pill Listed conference and VIP thank wide reputation far was held in Taiyuan. China Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs Association Guo Yunpei, famous TCM gynecologist Liu Hongqi, Tung Shing Group chairman Guo Science, Kyushu Pharmaceutical Group Vice Chairman Liu Shulin, Yunnan Hongxiang Yixintang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Hung Nguyen offer nearly 300 guests gathered to witness a grand new listing wide reputation far Dingkun Dan’s water pill.

Kwong Yu Dan as far Dingkun “State Secrets variety” “national intangible cultural heritage.” Originated from the Qianlong period, was born in the province Taigu County, after step 280, the flavor ingredients into 30, it has been 300 years of tradition. Dingkun Dan herbs featured red ginseng, deer horn, compatibility gelatin, Rehmannia, Angelica BNI, saffron, Panax, Millettia, etc. Huoxuetongluo Corydalis, Radix, sweet, white peony root, Ukraine drugs and other liver qi, eucommia, medlar, Atractylodes kidney and spleen by Qi and blood, promoting blood circulation network, liver qi, kidney and spleen, improve the level of estrogen and progesterone, a comprehensive conditioning the health of women, called the treatment of gynecological all sorts of diseases, classical side, it can be liver qi stagnation, anti-beauty, for lack of blood, eventually becoming pregnant, irregular menstruation and other symptoms have significant effect.

The release of new products, given Kun Dan water pill break through the traditional production Dingkun Dan, innovative formulations, capsules brown pellets, smooth and mellow, women easier to swallow, and help absorb “crowd” the Dingkun Dan water pill new site once appeared, praised by industry experts.

Wide reputation far company official said that as the oldest extant only in the pharmaceutical industry a free dating nearly 500 years of tradition enterprise wide reputation far always abide by the “no man see fit repair, deliberately own day know” old saying, harsh discipline, most authentic ingredients, the most pure processing technology to produce the best medicine. This time, “Guang Yu Yuan” to respond positively to the call of the party and the country to develop Chinese medicine health care services, repay the community for a long time on the “wide reputation far” the trust and support of brands and products, hope that through this Dingkun Dan honey water pill product launches, the national classic bolus Dingkun Dan innovation remodeling for women deliver healthy and confident life philosophy, hope to carry forward the traditional Chinese medicine culture, while products can advance with the times and innovate.

Womens Got Sick After Taking Unsafe Medicine Unapproved by FDA

Yesterday was “World Kidney Day”, this year’s theme is “Prevention of chronic kidney disease should begin with children,” Shanghai Medical Association branch chairman of Nephrology, Professor Ni Zhaohui, director of nephrology Yan Chai Hospital yesterday told reporters that in recent years, China’s chronic kidney disease patients were getting younger and younger, a lot of the incidence of kidney disease in children, youth, but because of early chronic kidney disease no obvious symptoms or very mild symptoms, and other symptoms of kidney failure or uremia these are serious consequences to the hospital for examination, very distressing.

In recent years, the incidence of chronic kidney disease at home and abroad are up in the adult population of chronic kidney disease prevalence rate of 10.8%, or about $ 120 million of the huge crowd, because the secondary kidney disease patients accompanied by hypertension, diabetes, improve gout, lupus and other incidence, prevalence of chronic kidney disease and mortality showed a trend of increasing year by year.

Experts also talked about chronic kidney disease patients getting younger and younger. Professor Ni Zhaohui told reporters recently took over the case: a female student studying in Canada for 16 years, read all the way to graduate, recently returned to Shanghai travel, and experience the fashionable “medical tourism”, a check, uremia. The girl had eaten six months of diet pills, which is considered the most suspicious Ni Zhaohui incentives. Another patient is a college of Shanghai college students, part-time aerobics instructor, recently to Yan Chai Hospital for a check, has a kidney failure. Further inquiries, the boy to training a muscle, every meal eat protein powder, protein powder quality, but off the delicate kidneys directly suffer.

Hong Kong International Group Wonderland thin US S curve butler expert Professor Wang Hua believes that chronic kidney disease attacks young and excessive use of inferior whitening skin care products, slimming products, hair dyes and other related. For example, many women lose weight like beauty, makeup, plus derivative market is very hot, especially fond of some whitening products, eat some disguised slimming health product (essentially diet pills), but if long-term use of these products, contains large amounts of lead, mercury and hormones, these components will directly lead to acute renal failure.

Experts advise, in fact, many adult kidney begins during childhood, recognizing kidney disease risk factors and childhood events existed, identification and early intervention in chronic renal disease, prevention reduce uremia has a positive effect. In life, regular physical examination is the primary method of discovery of chronic kidney disease. Life, if eyelid, lower extremity edema, increased urine foam, dark urine, increased frequency of nocturia, urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, pruritus, anemia, high blood pressure (especially young) and other symptoms should go to the hospital as soon as possible, the investigation of kidney disease, avoid delay treatment.

Solving the Problem of Sales Reduction of Pharmacy

The risks faced by foreign pharmaceutical companies include three areas. First, after GlaxoSmithKline event, compliance pressure surge foreign pharmaceutical companies, gray interests of the chain model fall apart and sell drugs. Pharmaceutical companies themselves feel this model is not sustainable. But the market has not completely changed the environment, foreign pharmaceutical companies relative to its local competitors, in compliance to the following restrictions lot of pressure. Second, with the health insurance funds increasing pressure on hospital drugs control become more stringent, the face of this trend, the decline in sales of foreign pharmaceutical companies can not be avoided. Third, the market there has been the cancellation of the original drug separately priced call early in 2011. Development and Reform Commission on the abolition of 19 foreign investment alone Medicare drug pricing. It refers to the original drug after the patent expires brand-name drugs. Chinese separate pricing for the original drug has been asking foreign pharmaceutical companies in patent expires to maintain profits, on the one hand for innovative and high quality products, certainly, but on the one hand due to the following drugs to support medical environment, doctors tended to open more profit medicines to expand high gray income, so the original drug has been in a dominant position in the market. And with the continued and future regulatory strict drug prices, and finds it difficult to maintain this advantage.

Before not completely out of the hospital outpatient pharmacy and doctor’s service prices did not return to a reasonable range of values, the market environment is extremely unfavorable for foreign pharmaceutical companies, prescription drug sales decline can not be avoided. In order to maintain the relative competitive advantage in this trend, foreign pharmaceutical companies must find new opportunities for development.

Some foreign pharmaceutical companies have begun to try to acquire OTC pharmaceutical companies and health care products companies. Although the short-term sales of these two products is still insufficient to make up for revenue foreign pharmaceutical companies on prescription drugs slowed, but the layout or greater significance OTC health care products that prepare the retail channel. Whether the line pharmacy or medicine electricity supplier, fundamental changes in the future, once the hospital, prescription outflow hospitals, retail outlets ahead of the layout will determine competitive advantage. Therefore, in the short term and OTC sales of health care products may not be as prescription drugs, but it takes time to accumulate channel layout, ready for the big change is the greatest significance of the layout of the retail end.

In addition, the layout of the retail side for a number of pharmaceutical companies, it may be better access to drugs affect accounting regulations brought about in the short term. Since the proportion of drug policy does not exceed 30% rule, the hospital may be slowly shunt some prescription medication is currently the first to bear the brunt of the maximum amount of antibiotics, and the second is the treatment of some little risk, relatively routine chronic medication. This allows from Zhejiang chronic continuous prescription can get some inspiration in the retail end of the purchase of medicines policy. Accordingly, an alternative antibiotic medicine, and the risk is not high chronic medication are most likely to get first chance at the retail end. In both areas there are foreign pharmaceutical companies products and distribution channels will be the first opponent to gain a competitive advantage in the retail end.

The Reduction of Medicine’s Price

Wei Li Bin, director of the State Development Planning Commission recently announced that, on the settlement of patent medicine is very expensive, the people can not afford to use, the relevant authorities are taking measures, including the development of national negotiations. Negotiations pilot effect is more ideal for the price more expensive patented drugs, imported drugs, generally can be reduced by more than 50%.

Guangzhou Daily reporter to understand that, one hand, local pharmaceutical companies exert positive tumor drug research and development, side of the car, foreign patent expires might initiative to cut prices. Some observers believe that the patent expiring imported drugs are more likely to lower the figure in negotiating lower prices and access to health insurance, do “accede to” protect the Chinese market, foreign companies in China in recent years, after all, life is not easy.

Li Bin, Wei State Planning Commission has now been negotiating pilot chose about five species, including those involving cancer treatment, the treatment of major diseases of patented drugs, imported drugs. It said negotiations effect is ideal, (drug prices) reduced by up to 50%. Its introduction: “We are now undergoing final convergence, ie the convergence of insurance medicine will be announced after the convergence of our society, which will greatly reduce the burden on the masses of medication and these include many of the people mentioned in tumor therapy…”

Wei Ma Xiaowei, deputy director of the State Planning Commission, said China will improve drug reimbursement directory, and consider the future of some medicines open green channel, to speed up the import process. Once the successful negotiation of medicines, health Planning Commission will consider the inclusion of relevant medicines reimbursement list, so that it can have a more substantial price decline. In addition, also considering some special drugs open the green channel, the implementation of measures to quickly import. “In short, we want to do our utmost to solve the problem of drug purchase difficult, expensive drug prices, aimed at the problem ‘Thirteen Five’ can be broken during the drug problem.” Ma Xiaowei said.

In fact, Wei Planning Commission has already let it be said, “and exclusive patent medicine drug prices are generally high, to establish a multi-party negotiations on the price mechanism.” Wei, deputy director of the State Planning Commission last year, Sun Zhigang in time to answer questions about health care reform will affect foreign companies that purchased foreign pharmaceutical companies are now producing drugs, reform is still in the hospital after the purchase, the key is how to buy medicine, what kind of price purchase. Now the price of patent medicines and exclusive production of drugs purchased are generally unrealistically high, “to establish a multi-stakeholder, open and transparent negotiation mechanism, so that prices exclusive production of patented drugs and medicines can be reduced to a reasonable range.”