Four Reasons Why You Get Fat

Why do people get fat? It may be that many people want to know about the problem of obesity. Long-term energy intake exceeds energy expenditure, resulting in the accumulation of excess body fat and abnormal distribution, which is the cause of obesity. However, obesity is often caused by many factors, particularly the following four factors, the most common.

Undeniable, people have innate differences in height and weight, the brain center regulating innate everyone also differences. To this end, the metabolic rate of people have the same speed, which is a normal physiological differences between individuals, it does not mean a lower metabolic rate will certainly make people fat. As everyone genes (DNA) both contain oncogenes, but not everyone will grow to cancer tumors same. Some people are genetically inclined to be fat, but there must be induced factors. Genetic influences brain function, genetic congenital determines a person’s weight level, the level of hunger, satiety level, metabolic rate, but not the dominant factor in obesity directly.

Obesity is a very important reason is that a balanced diet or nutrition or nutritional deficiencies, causing the whole body metabolism imbalances. In particular, many young women now control the body and blind diet, irregular meals. Coupled with too little exercise or no exercise, body heat can not be normal metabolism, resulting in the accumulation of excess fat.

Whether girls are cold to the aunt, stomach pain, dizziness, and the boys will only say the word, “drink plenty of water.” Do not think this is a perfunctory words, drink plenty of water not only can cure colds, cure stomach ache, and still lose weight! A study at the University of Birmingham, UK to prove this point. Research indicates that people who are overweight, drink 500 ml of water before a meal can help lose weight. They obese patients, and found that after 12 weeks, pre-dinner drink and a half liters of water before a meal test than those who did not increase the amount of drinking water many people lose weight 7 pounds.

Firewall Stops Consumers Buying Fake Items

According to reports, the “Cloud Bridge” platform, docking, Jingdong CNCA will provide Compulsory Certification (CCC) and certificate authentication service directory information. Jingdong can be read in real time CNCA CCC authentication information database to strengthen checks from online sources, strengthen management in the procurement of goods released links, CCC certified products for the full implementation of flow control to ensure compliance with CCC certification requirements online products, the lack of effective CCC certificate the goods will be directly released intercepted links, unable shelves for consumers to buy safe and secure CCC certified products and build a “firewall.” Meanwhile, Jingdong will actively promote e-commerce certification, credible third-party certification to improve quality control system and the results of business information platform for electronic business evaluation system, and guide online vendors and partners to comply with good electrical supplier specifications, reduce systemic electricity supplier platform manage risk.

It is understood that, in the “Internet +” action plans, national big data strategy, driven by the state commission opened the “Cloud Bridge” certification and accreditation information sharing platform that provides electricity supplier products and corporate authentication, integrity and other public health information to the community services, and actively promote e-commerce certification, the use of internationally accepted third-party authentication, electrical and commercial enterprises to help enhance the quality of management and control capabilities, improve product and service quality electricity supplier; at the same time, help consumers through the quality certification logo to identify electronic business platform protection ability to choose electricity supplier specifications consistent with good products and services.

Next, the state commission will provide a richer authentication data and quality management information to the community through the “Cloud Bridge” platform, the use of Big Data technologies for electronic business platform certified products and quality of business, industry, regional analysis of the depth of excavation to develop a model to adapt to consumer electricity supplier quality improvement program, while electronic business platform feedback undocumented, false, illegal and invalid certificate information leads to the next line verification disposal to achieve seamless management of online and offline governance.

Do Not Abuse Diet Pills

Things have to start from October 2013, Nanjing snow girl lose weight online buy “two cousin.” After taking a week, snow dizziness, insomnia, kidney pain and other discomfort. Snow doubt “two cousin,” there is a problem, you can call the seller told her that this is a normal reaction, drink plenty of water on the right. Snow did not know, these symptoms call her eyes, is simply not matter, because the customer clearly remember, there was a young man in Nanjing to eat “two cousin” After all the blood in the urine. Customer service if credulity snow, hard water, but not only did not alleviate the symptoms, but also serious, and had to go to hospital linked glucose water.

Thereafter, the remaining snow “two cousin” to the quality supervision department, confirmed the drug ingredient in containing contraband – “sibutramine.” Sibutramine is a central nervous system depressants, stimulants, suppressing food and so on, it may cause high blood pressure, heart rate, endangering serious side effects of anorexia, insomnia, abnormal liver function. China SFDA October 30, 2010 to stop production in the country halted sales process using the “Xi Buming song” formulations and bulk drugs.

Find the root cause, repent of snow just to buy online diet pills. In fact, she has the same experience, there are a lot of people. Soon, this sell “two cousin” slimming shop was investigated.

After investigation, the owner called the Yellow Sea, by the end of 2012, the Yellow Sea to 6000 yuan per box (300 bottles per case) of the purchase price of the finished product up home diet pills, Wu Wei with his partner after packaging, 20 yuan a bottle of medicine, respectively 129 yuan / bottle 30 38 yuan / 7 bag sold. “Two Cousin ‘fire, the Yellow Sea busy hired customer service.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Selling Drugs

Drug sales price further reduced, people eligible for benefits. Patients with a doctor’s mainly prescription drugs, the policy is relaxed, the patient is expected to promote more easily buy cheaper prescription drugs. According to the current drug distribution patterns, medicines from the factory to the patient, usually at least two need to go through the circulation, ie the circulation process handled twice, each time by 15% if the drug addition, it means that 30% of the increase. Once the net lifting the ban sale of prescription drugs, to achieve Internet “direct”, the drug prices will become more transparent, price competition becomes more intense, drug consumers through their own queries and comparison, you can choose the most cost-effective drugs. It is estimated that the industry’s enterprises, the electricity supplier channels will be 20-30 percent cheaper than traditional channels. In addition, prescription drugs Internet sales model will enable relevant enterprises to gain greater profit margins. Along with the expansion of the scope of application of drugs online sales (B2C) qualification main body, single pharmacy, once released, will be directly involved in the drug manufacturing companies net sales of drugs to facilitate open door. Due to cost savings circulation, pharmaceutical companies will have greater profit margins, so the next-related businesses have a greater incentive to enter the field of electronic business. And their involvement will definitely have to bring the entire pharmaceutical industry influence and impact.

Release the net sales of prescription drugs Forced “to drugs make medical” health care reform. At present, China’s medical system exists “to drugs (drug sales) complement the medical (medical)” problem, the basic prescription drug market monopoly hospital. According to “China’s retail industry information briefing Blue Book” description of the city hospital level, the county level hospitals, urban hospital, rural primary hospitals in 2013 reached 629.1 billion yuan, respectively, medication, 192.8 billion yuan, 61.6 billion yuan, 61.5 billion yuan, among them, the proportion of prescription drugs in the treatment of the medical scale terminal and were as high as 94.0%, 93.4%, 85.6%, 87.6%. Net sales or prescription drugs in January 2015 in the form of a negative list of lifting the ban, that would enable the hospital to speed up the reform, the end of the “drugs make doctors” of the old system, the socialization of the prescription so that the patient can use the Internet to buy prescription drugs Medicare card .

Third-party online shopping platform will be the biggest beneficiaries. September 19, 2014, Ali Baba in the United States, financing $ 25,030,000,000 has become the country’s largest IPO. China’s online shopping market deal size of 55.2 billion yuan from 2007 to 2013 the rapid growth of 1.85 trillion yuan, accounting for the proportion of total retail sales of social consumer goods up 7.8%. And in 2013 the scale of China’s pharmaceutical B2C is only 4.26 billion yuan, still less than 1% of China’s pharmaceutical distribution market. If the net sales of prescription drugs released, will usher in the domestic pharmaceutical electricity supplier development spurt. State Food and Drug Administration by querying the database, found that currently available Internet and drug transaction services qualification certificate online pharmacies a total of 241. And there were about 300,000 pharmacies. Net sales of prescription drugs after full liberalization, leads the third-party trading platform from the original 241 to 300 000 rapid growth. It is worth noting that the market share of Chinese prescription drugs is about 800 billion yuan, rather than prescription drugs is 200 billion yuan, if the piece of cake is cut, the market prospects are very very fascinating.

Three Steps to Boost the Development of Chinese Traditional Medicine

This year’s government work report made to the development of medicine, the national pharmaceutical industry. How to promote Chinese medicine to the world? March 8, the CPPCC National Committee, the State Administration of Traditional Science and Technology Secretary TRADITIONAL National People’s Congress Chairman Yuan Group Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Kang Xiao Wei, the CPPCC National Committee, Tianjin Darren Hall pharmaceutical Jingwanhong Liuwen Wei, general manager, guest “after two sessions of the night”, around this topic in depth.

TRADITIONAL members said, are areas of strength in the pharmaceutical industry with independent intellectual property rights of thousands of years to form, and Chinese medicine not only for the health of the Chinese people to contribute to the world and also had a profound impact on medicine. Especially into the “Eleventh Five-Year” since the state attaches great importance to the world of medicine, chief researcher at the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Professor Tu Yo Yo won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine last year, more attracted worldwide attention to Chinese medicine. The country has just recently issued the “Strategic Plan for Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine (2016- 2030),” clearly put forward to promote overseas development of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine to the world, the international trade as a key Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine on the one hand “going out” for human health services, in addition to “bring in”, the use of advanced science and technology and development experience around the world integrate, to jointly promote the traditional Chinese medicine for human health services.

“Chinese medicine ‘going out’ is our medicine man’s dream.” Liuwen Wei members felt that the clinical efficacy of Chinese Medical Herb medicine in surgery medication intuitive, less interfering factors, easy to evaluate, with Western medicine for external use do not have a significant comparative advantage . Therefore, Chinese medicine “going out” for external use Chinese medicine should start.

“But the Chinese medicine to the world also faces three barriers.” TRADITIONAL members said specifically that cultural barriers, technical barriers, medical services inherit and carry forward the barriers.

How to break these three barriers? TRADITIONAL members felt that, first, the state should vigorously promote the standardization of traditional Chinese medicine, the right to speak. For example, in the diagnosis of the disease, Chinese medicine to promote the construction of the International Classification of Disease ICD11 codes. Second, the standardization of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, enterprises should also motivated. Xiao Wei expressed that traditional Chinese medicine standards more complex and requires from the dynamic and static aspects of the development of the formation of two series of standards, “we all agree that only the formation of the standards in order to further tap the name of party-name drugs.”

TRADITIONAL members said, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine to start soon standardization initiatives. Traditional Chinese Medicine “going out”, local access to foreign markets, but also to meet their standards, respect for the local culture, get local recognition.

To break through the Chinese medicine “go out” barriers, Chinese enterprises should strengthen innovation.

“The real innovation is the driving force for enterprise development.” Xiao Wei on behalf of, the current Hong edge medicine whether it is innovative drugs, intellectual property rights or patent drugs are the largest, but also faces great distress, “Our new drug after the difficult access to health insurance drug list, it is difficult to enter the list of new drugs. ”

Xiao Wei representative said that now in the Medicare drug developed 10 years ago, many of which are varieties of the past few years the State Food and Drug Administration approved the certificate of varieties entered not by much. This is not conducive to mobilizing the enthusiasm of innovative pharmaceutical companies.

“There is a problem to be solved, as long as the medicine tendering process, will be endless cut 15-20% of the price, including innovative drugs.” Xiao Wei representative said the company in Hunan, Anhui and other provinces of losing, the main the province is in the bidding process discriminate against Chinese medicines policy, go on like this, then, traditional Chinese medicine market will be marginalized.