Show Your Nice Figure by Losing Weight

Spring is a season of recovery, after a winter slumber, a lot of friends who are fleshy spring recovery, and would have destroyed the beautiful body. Seeing summer coming soon, how to get rid of that ugly fat has become a headache for most people, let’s introduce two spring diet recipes, let you easily meet the advent of summer.

Prepare the right amount of milk, sugar as well as tea, milk poured into the pot inside, then added black tea, milk tea to soak up completely, then boiled over low heat for about five minutes, until the color of milk into brown when you can pan, add a small amount of sugar can be drinking. Black tea can stomach can also scrape fat, weight loss is very suitable for spring health food. With black tea with milk, can promote the body’s metabolism, the body break down fat, achieve weight loss goals, but also can reduce blood lipids.

Ready rice, bamboo shoots as well as salt, washed after handling the bamboo shoots, sliced ​​spare, after Amoy good rice into the pot with the right amount of water and boiled for a while, so grain cracking after then cut bamboo shoots piece plus, after you cooked add salt, stir well you can eat. Bamboo shoots taste fresh and tasty, nutritious, rich in fiber, is a common food in the spring regimen to lose weight.

These are the two kinds of spring diet recipes we introduce. Now is the era of thin is beautiful, weight loss is a never outdated topic, you want healthy weight loss, you need a reasonable diet conditioning and scientific movement, and also to persevere. In short, lose weight perseverance, weight loss success in the spring, before the summer you can wear a variety of beautiful clothes.

Lulu Science Creats Japan Company

Lulu Science and Technology held the first conference since the foundation of today, the introduction of Internet sex toys brand LULU, and announced the foundation of Japan’s overseas strategy, the development of VR sex toys. Warburg Pincus also closed its founder was announced, was completed 40 million yuan A round of financing in August 2015, in addition to angel investors Xue Manzi, A round also introduced Tyrannosaurus capital, margin and DFJ Dragon Capital group .

In fact, this was established in November 2014 start-up companies, has been in July 2015 Venture Roadshow site Sina launched the first man-machine interactive products – Lulu robot, and recommended to participate in the venture by Sina Singularity University China Division selection.

Lulu founder of science and technology is claimed to “seal brother” seal Warburg Pincus, before start working Jingdong marketing director. Since his wife was pregnant, sealing Warburg began to realize tremendous opportunities implied by market interest, we decided to leave business. Sina science and technology to seal Warburg Pincus said: “When my wife pregnant, I tried almost all the domestic sex toys, but are not satisfied, but just to be found in this area of ​​strong, big market, there is no giant, now do not do now, when ? I want to be a robot, so she like the real thing. ”

Thereafter, the seal Warburg away from Jingdong Jingdong human resources director Xue silver tree, Jingdong big data experts Chi Kap as a partner, responsible for human resources and technology. In order to show entrepreneurial determination, sealing Warburg Pincus invested one million yuan per partner and successfully impress famous angel investors Xue Manzi, the latter obtained angel investor.

Now, the main sex toys chatter science and technology as a fulcrum, Warburg Pincus has joint sealing of Chinese medical experts Ma Xiaonian, Chinese Li Xiaomu in Japan, set up a medical chatter and chatter Japan Corporation. On the one hand to expand the field of interest from more efficient health care, on the other hand want to get in the field of interest of a complete supply chain resources Japanese market. Feng Hua Ping said that Japan, as Lulu overseas science and technology strategy is the most important part, has begun the development of VR sex toys at the leadership hopes to convene shortly after the conference in Tokyo.

At present, the Chinese domestic market surging Internet fun, but not yet giants appear. Whether been cultivating for 12 years in the industry Spring House, or the year will be listed three new board his interest, we saw revealed a huge electricity supplier to sex toys, sex products and intelligent healthcare market economy as the representative of fun opportunities, but the reasons people ideas, “just to be” under the brand appeal of Internet also lack of “sunshine”, a growing number of incoming, currently are in Fengeng strong market stage, there is no giant appears. It is worth mentioning that, Lulu is the first to go out and set up branches overseas Chinese Internet brand appeal.

Crime of Selling Counterfeit Weight Lose Pills

Production and sales of security risks of food and medicine, in addition to possible civil, administrative responsibility, there may commit a criminal offense. Yesterday, the Nanjing Intermediate People’s Court notified the past five years, food and drug safety criminal cases, the court five years 133 cases recorded, but an increasing number of less serious cases, criminal cases and more concentrated in the area of ​​health diet pills and other products.

City Court Criminal Court Vice President Zhang Songtao two reports, 2011-2015, the city’s courts accepted endanger food and drug safety criminal cases 133, which in 2014 received 29, 2015, received 89. Zhang Songtao said that with the Criminal Law Amendment (h) of hazards in food, drugs crime provisions were modified, the original production and sale of counterfeit drugs “enough to cause serious harm to human health” is a crime, but the new law, by deleting this provision, a production sells fake actors in breach of the criminal law. At the same time, the judiciary has stepped up efforts to combat such crimes, focusing on it as early, but also makes the number of cases to rise.

“However, the rise in the number of cases at the same time, resulting in few egregious cases of serious harmful consequences, and most of them concentrated in the weight-loss drugs, ‘tonic’ and other health care products field. Statistics show that about 80% of such cases involving diet pills and ‘fake Viagra’. “Zhang Songtao introduction.

Conference, Second City Court Criminal court judge 刘天虹 also reported a typical case of such cases. Jiangning District People’s Court Zhao et al 3 production, sales counterfeit case, the three defendants to purchase equipment fake filling, sales amount of more than 200 million. S Court sentenced the main culprit Zhao 14 years imprisonment and fined 2.8 million yuan.

The judge found in the trial, such cases means crime is becoming more diverse, covert, Internet sales become “black” Food, medicine an important platform. Criminals rely on Taobao, buy nets, micro letters and other networking tools and trading platform, through increasingly convenient logistics industry to achieve covert, cross-regional crime. Pukou District People’s Court after hearing the defendant Qinmou through Taobao sales prohibited by the state containing ingredients sibutramine weight-loss drugs, more than two months of sales, which amounts to 32 million yuan, involving two accused were sentenced 3–5 years in prison and a fine of around $ 200,000.

Difficulty in Buying Prescriptions

Recently, members of the public Ms. Wang female newspaper reporter to reflect that he took the prescription to the pharmacy to buy insulin was rejected, and the reason was her recipe “expired” the. This prescription is printed from the hospital, less than a month time, how will “expire”? Leaving her worried about is the home of insulin has been used up, any time the risk of delayed treatment of the patient may occur.

Reporters consult relevant parties informed prescription once opened, can be up in three days with the prescription to the hospital, clinics, pharmacies and prescription drugs, after three days in the past, such as the patient would like to purchase of medicines to the hospital or clinic issued a new prescription. The industry said that the current national regulatory unit, pharmacy and management personnel are exploring this issue, present the relevant units have started to build, such as diabetes, hypertension and other chronic disease patients medication file, if policies to expand, you can easily spend a timely help patients medicine. Prescription drugs can not buy insurance to delay treatment

The people Ms. Wang’s father suffers from diabetes, need long-term purchase insulin. She did not care to purchase insulin usually need to hold a doctor’s prescription. Recently, home run out of insulin, she rushed downstairs to the pharmacy to buy insulin. Pharmacy staff told Wang, insulin are prescription drugs, purchase must hold a doctor’s prescription, the pharmacist and pharmacy no prescription issued rights.

Wang returned home to find a recent physician’s prescription, the pharmacy still refused staff. The staff told Wang, holding her prescription has expired. Prescription and “shelf life”? She suspected pharmacy staff deliberately making things difficult. Staff said, according to state regulations, prescriptions issued only in effect on the date, the need to extend the period of validity by the prescribing physician stated expiration date, but no longer than 3 days. Ms. Wang would like to continue to buy as insulin, need to issue a new prescription. This interpretation does not make her happy. “Now hospitals are electronic versions of prescription, it is not that convenient to print, how to do in case of delayed treatment?”

Subsequently, Ms. Wang went to another pharmacy, still get the same answer. This allows Ms. Wang was wondering diabetes are chronic, long-term use of insulin, the same disease with the same drug, why should go to the hospital every queue up to buy medicine prescription, more money is not that also delays.

Government Makes Highly Priced Medicines

State support for health care continue to increase. Data show that from 2009 to 2014, China’s fiscal health cumulative spending 4 trillion yuan, including central government spending a total of 1.2 trillion yuan.

Huang Jiefu admitted that, despite six years of medical reform has made significant initial results, but now there is a great demand from the people, and medical treatment is difficult and expensive problem has not been fundamentally alleviated.

Huang Jiefu also said that during the two sessions this year, the state investment in medical and health services up to 4.2 trillion yuan, many of them on inflated prices, not spent on “cutting edge” on.

National Development Research Institute of Peking University professor, director of the Development Research Center of Peking University Health Li Ling told the “Daily News” reporter, the majority of government spending goes to these drugs, equipment and inspection equipment, this flow is actually very it should be. So people generally a feeling that, although there are health insurance, but still spend a lot of money.

Among them, the issue of drug prices, Han Qide said, “now is the implementation of public hospital fee-for-service, which greatly increases the cost of health care. Medicare Drug Purchasing departments have not, not in charge of money people spend, to hold down prices problems to staggering proportions. ”

National People’s Congress, Fujian Province Hospital, vice president Weng Li Guoxing also believes that the biggest areas of health reform can control costs are artificially high drug prices and consumables prices.

For example, he said, of a hospital in Fujian Province last year, gross revenue 2.4 billion yuan, accounting for 40.86% drugs, supplies accounted for 19.11%, accounting for 60% of the sum of the two, “that is, more than 1.4 billion are to cover drugs and supplies, so long as 10% lower, you can save 140 million. “he added that the space can be reduced far more than this number.