Does Weight-loss Exercise Decide Breast Flexibility?

According to the case of fitness point of view, if a female friend only focus on obesity to the site of exercise, ignoring the other parts, it is easy to get lost parts of obesity chest also lost the case. To avoid this, when performing weight-loss exercise also requires appropriate to do some chest movement. Because only when the chest muscles below have enough flexibility in the breast will show its supporting higher position, so that the breasts become more upright.

Secondly, in the process of movement, a female friend must give yourself to prepare a good number of sports underwear, sports underwear because some of the more stable and able to provide the supporting force of the breast, and to avoid unnecessary movement pull to avoid chest It appears deformed. In fact, it is relying on the breasts of a surface layer of skin to wrap the fat, if often shake in the process of movement, not only will pull the skin, and may cause a case of skin laxity and sagging breasts.

After reading these, I believe we all know that exercise can lose weight thin chest right answer to this question, but also know how to avoid this situation. Therefore, we in the process of movement, we must master substantially precautions, do not be taken lightly, so as to achieve the best fitness results, so that our body is getting better and better.

Stepping Up Stairs Helps Losing More Weight

To be healthy, to do environmental protection! A lot of stairs it! Last year, Taipei 101 international climbing competition, Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je also 45 minutes and 54 seconds to finish the race, the culture of the people climbing stairs Gu Jiankang Masamori! We all know that the stairs only help lose weight, increase longevity, but then, according to the latest Canadian research indicates that the more stairs also let the younger brain too!

With respect to walking, climbing stairs can be said to be “less tired” of the movement, and then climb the stairs can improve heart and lung function, burn calories, plus can also be environmentally friendly, so there are many people choose to work more stairs replace the elevator. However, stair climbing and other good is it! According to “Medical Daily” reported that more and more stair climbing and other physical activities and education can significantly slow down the aging brain’s gray matter, the brain younger.

Study Canada Concordia University (Concordia University) of 331 aged 19 to 79 years as a healthy adult subjects, during the test, nuclear magnetic resonance (MRI) to view the volume of gray matter of the brain changes the subject. The study found that subjects such as study time more than a year, reducing brain age 0.95 years old; an extra layer such as climbing stairs daily brain age decreased by 0.58 years.

Research and analysis, more educated and engaged in physical activity will affect the gap physiologically predict age and chronological age between each step climb a live four seconds, can also take your brain stay young. In addition, compared to swimming, aerobic exercise such as jogging, stair climbing is that most seniors have at least a day or once activities, in addition to increase cardiovascular fitness, climbing stairs promote brain health, but also help prevent Alzheimer’s, etc. dementia produce.

Different Ways to Lose Weight Healthily

Human aging is inevitable, so it really allowed to develop it? In fact as long as you adhere to exercise, you can maintain youthful vigor, it will not get fat out of shape in the long course of years. Appropriate exercise also allows obese people to slim down.

If you do not have so much time to run, jump on the choice of sports bars, such as skipping, it can instantly accelerate heartbeat, but also in the short-term activities the body, is an excellent alternative to cardio exercise.

In fact, sport is our best burn calories to lose weight, but also the power of aerobic exercise training can actually make weight loss effect will be more obvious. Aerobic exercise refers to the process in motion which, the body will inhale oxygen and demand are equal, to achieve physiological equilibrium. It is considered the best exercise to lose weight. Common aerobic exercise including cycling, swimming, jogging and walking, and so on. Adhere to 30 minutes a day of aerobic exercise for weight loss is very helpful.

Starvation diet forget it! Never give up in order to reduce the heat absorption of any meal. Movement is to make you healthy, healthy eating every meal more than anything else. Want to lose weight successfully, control calorie intake is also very important. Healthy food choices can help you easily reduce the intake of calories. Eat more fiber-rich fruits and vegetables can increase your satiety, play a role in reducing food intake. Also, do not store high-calorie foods at home is far away from the temptation of a good way to control calorie intake.

Will You Try Losing Weight by Plastic Wrap?

Principles and diuretics to lose weight almost plastic wrap, mainly through the body of water to lose weight and achieve the purpose and effect of the weight, the effect of weight loss is to lose body of water, not fat fat, but the weight of a drink to return to the original, the truth is similar to a sauna, steam bath, or wear clothes, running and other plastics.

Because while the body is wrapped in plastic wrap, not the normal metabolism of cells due to excessive water loss, skin was wrapped in plastic wrap will affect the normal volatile sweat, easy to produce side effects, long body wrapped with plastic wrap, the skin can not dissipate heat make sweat accumulated in local, easily lead to eczema, folliculitis and other skin diseases. Coupled with plastic wrap itself chemicals, but also prone to skin allergies, to cause any harm.

Besides, fat “burning” There are many enzymes are involved in the process, and the optimum temperature of the enzyme reaction in the human body between 35 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, if more than 40 ℃ activity will plummet even decomposition. Therefore, local high temperature caused by the plastic wrap and wrap the skin may not be able to promote fat consumption, but also may play the opposite effect.

Poor quality of some cling film itself, when we exercise, waist heat, as the temperature increases, there will cling film deposited toxins, these toxins are likely to enter the human body. In fact, want to lose weight the most important thing is energy to be consumed is greater than energy intake. So the movement is very important.

Four Recommended Slimming Teas

Holidays always found large and small gatherings, meat, fish, ah, ah, more or less will eat greasy food, a few days off, it is very easy to plot food, want to lose weight you can drink barley tea digestion. Barley tea contains amylase, can increase gastric acid and pepsin, help digestion, can eliminate food plot, spleen and stomach, oily solution. From the Chinese perspective, barley of peace, many people can drink, but there are barley milk back role, lactating women should not drink.

Chinese New Year holiday, many people like to buy some DVDs usually do not have time to see the United States and the United States to look at a few days, people will stay at home staring at the TV to see New Year’s Eve concert, even with the cry with laughter, your eyes in the long-term fatigue state, so very affecting vision. In this case, a week after work drink a cup of chrysanthemum tea, chrysanthemum tea can Liver eyesight, clearing away heat, Paowan chrysanthemums deposited in the eyes, but also to make eye fatigue relax. Great Chrysanthemum eyesight role for some, but the effect of heat Gongju strong.

Holiday stay warm room, there will be a lot of people get angry situation, if eat a lot of greasy food, but also constipation, therefore, the best holiday drink grapefruit tea, citron tea cool bias can relax clear fire. For diabetics, holiday diet is not good, likely to cause fluctuations in blood sugar, tea and grapefruit have insulin-like substance, can assist hypoglycemic.

Abdominal obesity effects do sit-ups, it is very desirable to reduce abdominal fat. When the operation began, activists need to lying on his back foot of the bed, stuck his hip the following need of bed. After lying, gradually bent knee, thigh placed over the abdomen. Hands on both sides of the open body level, then put in the palm of your hand below the hip. Then abdominal strength to drive his legs in a slow count to 10 speed legs stretched forward. Note that this case must make up the toe body into a straight line, after the completion of the top of a pause, and then to count to 5 speed bend the knee, thigh restored to the starting position. Throughout the course of the campaign back, shoulders, arms must remain relaxed, the main force should be part of the abdomen. Did the number of daily, each according to their own physical condition custom.

Experts Advise Not to Take Slimming Pills without Asking for Doctors

According to news reports, a Hong Kong girl height 156cm, weight one hundred kilograms, because felt “too fat” too difficult to see the camera, drinking diet tea a year and a half, lost to ninety fifty-six pounds. But taking slimming tea for her suffering habitual diarrhea, stomach and physical deterioration, “particularly ugly face, white as sheets.” One day suddenly found himself particularly slow walk to the job, a very hard to go fast, and can not lay down to sleep at night, to the hospital for diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension. The girl suspected he was suffering from pulmonary hypertension and long-term relationship between drinking diet tea.

So what is pulmonary hypertension? Often drink tea to lose weight really cause pulmonary hypertension do? To solve these problems, 39 Health Net Editor interviewed the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University School of Public Health Doctoral Dr. Chen Zuhui.

According to Dr. Chen Zuhui introduction, pulmonary hypertension is an increase in pulmonary artery pressure exceeds a certain critical value of pathological conditions, mainly as dyspnea, fatigue, a little exercise will feel chest pain, or syncope; cardiopulmonary problems ask each other party involved, easily lead to heart failure, pulmonary hypertension. Severe patients will feel the most basic actions of daily life such as walking, toilet, stairs and others have difficulties. In some countries and regions, pulmonary hypertension is classified as a disability.

Pulmonary hypertension can be divided into primary and secondary two, and more from the primary tumor caused by, for example, while the secondary is mainly caused by congenital heart disease, connective tissue disease and other diseases by the heart disease. On the description of the case is concerned, do not rule out long-term drinking diet tea is the incentive to cause pulmonary hypertension of the girl, but can not be said to be the direct cause, it can not be directly equated.

Delicious Cucumber Helps Losing Weight

“Compendium of Materia Medica” records, cucumber heat, thirst, diuresis, swelling of the effect. Cucumber flesh crisp, juicy and sweet, raw fluid to quench their thirst, and there is a special aroma. According to the analysis, cucumber water is divided into 98%, rich in nutrients protein, carbohydrates, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin E, carotene, niacin, calcium, phosphorus, iron and so on.

Modern pharmacological studies suggest that, in the fresh cucumber also contains alcohol acid, can inhibit carbohydrate into fat. Cucumber also contains cellulose, to promote bowel movements, speed up the excretion and lower cholesterol have a certain effect. Cucumber low heat, for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes with obesity, is an ideal diet good vegetables. Eat cucumber diuretic, helps remove uric acid in the blood like as potentially harmful substances. Cucumber sweet and cool, with heat diuresis, detoxification effect. Thoracic heat, diuretic has a unique effect of dehumidification, Hua Chang, there was a marked analgesic effect.

But the cucumber cold side, stomach Deficiency, Jiubingtixu are advised to eat less. Have liver disease, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal problems and high blood pressure who do not eat pickled cucumbers.

Unsafe Weight Loss will Cause Side Effects

Such a thing has happened in Shenyang, Shenyang Red Cross Hospital Urology physician reports, once a 40-year-old woman to lose weight eating diet pills for a year, although during frequent dizziness, symptoms of boring, but because weight loss obviously it has not stopped, and later found himself no urine to the hospital was diagnosed with chronic renal failure, later developed into uremia. Doctors say the woman to eat a traditional Chinese medicine ingredients of diet pills containing the long-term use will cause damage to kidney function.

Height 162cm, weight 120 pounds before six months Chen decided to lose weight, because they do not love sports way to lose weight choose a diet, do not eat breakfast, do not eat meat lunch, dinner, say an apple. Adhere to more than two months, Chen’s weight really lost ten kilograms, but his face Zhangdou, look bad, menstrual disorders and other problems are wrapped up in her.

Doctors said Chen’s case belongs to endocrine disorders, the reason is the lack of long-term dieting normal human body needs protein, sugar, fat and other components, thereby affecting the endocrine system. In addition, the diet can affect the gastrointestinal, liver and kidney function, can cause the occurrence of gastroenteritis diseases.

Department of Endocrinology, Second Affiliated Hospital of Shenyang Medical Arts Shan introduced when the correct weight loss need to meet a sufficient volume of activity by proper diet.

The doctor said that if the intake of calories less than the calories consumed, body weight will naturally decline over time. So if you want to lose weight successfully, it is necessary to control the energy intake of 1200 kcal per day to a minimum of not less than 800 kcal; the second is the least weekly to ensure the effective movement of the two hours. When Yi Shan also warns about one kilogram of weight loss per week is reasonable.

Do Not Trust Unsafe Weight Loss Shop

In nearly 40 years, Pingyang woman Pan out of shape, at the suggestion of girlfriends to the beauty shop experience “cupping weight loss.” However, since the technician Chen mistakes, alcohol sprinkled on Pan thigh, and instantly caught fire. Pan also has scar on the thigh. Because no less than part of the cost consultations, Pan Chen claims to more than 10,000 yuan. Recently, the Pingyang County People’s Court mediation, Pan compensated more than 20,000 yuan.

With age, their body a variety of Pan satisfied, tried many ways to lose weight, but almost no effect. Last June, Pan Pan girlfriends try cupping diet recommendations. “This approach by stimulating acupuncture points, meridians adjusted so as to achieve weight loss, not only effective but also no side effects.” Girlfriends eloquence.

Pan hear very seductive, a few days girlfriends went to the beauty shop to experience the presentation. Pan said at the time this was the soft opening stage beauty shop, the store does not have many guests.

The same day, Chen technician doing is giving Pan cupping project. However, accident, Chen said she Guzhe in operation and others chat, temporary distraction mistook glass jars containing alcohol fell on Panmou thigh, the result immediately caught fire. Chen seeing this, quickly picked up a towel around the fire out, and the Pan rushed to hospital for treatment. Despite treatment, the Pan thigh still has scars.

According to court investigation, the beauty shop set up by private, there is no business license qualifications while technicians Chen is halfway decent, the owner after being hired, and began to learn cupping time not long. Later, Chen Pan to pay for medical expenses 6110 yuan.

Mediation by the judge, the two sides reached a settlement agreement, in addition to Pan lawsuit seeks compensation for economic losses 18,926 yuan, but Chen also pay voluntary follow-up treatment costs 1874 yuan, a total of 20,800 yuan.

Four Reasons Why You Get Fat

Why do people get fat? It may be that many people want to know about the problem of obesity. Long-term energy intake exceeds energy expenditure, resulting in the accumulation of excess body fat and abnormal distribution, which is the cause of obesity. However, obesity is often caused by many factors, particularly the following four factors, the most common.

Undeniable, people have innate differences in height and weight, the brain center regulating innate everyone also differences. To this end, the metabolic rate of people have the same speed, which is a normal physiological differences between individuals, it does not mean a lower metabolic rate will certainly make people fat. As everyone genes (DNA) both contain oncogenes, but not everyone will grow to cancer tumors same. Some people are genetically inclined to be fat, but there must be induced factors. Genetic influences brain function, genetic congenital determines a person’s weight level, the level of hunger, satiety level, metabolic rate, but not the dominant factor in obesity directly.

Obesity is a very important reason is that a balanced diet or nutrition or nutritional deficiencies, causing the whole body metabolism imbalances. In particular, many young women now control the body and blind diet, irregular meals. Coupled with too little exercise or no exercise, body heat can not be normal metabolism, resulting in the accumulation of excess fat.

Whether girls are cold to the aunt, stomach pain, dizziness, and the boys will only say the word, “drink plenty of water.” Do not think this is a perfunctory words, drink plenty of water not only can cure colds, cure stomach ache, and still lose weight! A study at the University of Birmingham, UK to prove this point. Research indicates that people who are overweight, drink 500 ml of water before a meal can help lose weight. They obese patients, and found that after 12 weeks, pre-dinner drink and a half liters of water before a meal test than those who did not increase the amount of drinking water many people lose weight 7 pounds.